Torture Report: Eco-Challenge Georgetown Style


(G): Since Wednesday, Lowi and I have been adventuring together. We got off to a slow start with a short walk Thursday morning and then fell victim to day-drinking on Friday. We did, however, wake up early on Saturday and rallied back into the world of exercisers. Lowi took me out on her favorite Georgetown trail for an 8-mile hike. Lowi’s hubby and oldest daughter went along for the ride and in true Lowi and G fashion on our return trip we were planning all the food we were going to eat. Not sure we ever ended up in a caloric deficit but we try.

IMG_1662 IMG_1683


While out, I mentioned to my brother-in-law a hike we’d done previously so Sunday morning while Lowi and I were leisurely eating breakfast he was scurrying around looking for ski poles, granola bars and other accessories that he hoped would help me climb to 12,000-plus feet.

We finally got out the door and hiked about 5 miles. We had some impressive mile split times like 35 minutes.

IMG_1826 IMG_1827

It was worth the hike for views like this. While hiking into areas with high elevation I was sure I was going to see Heidi walking in wooden clogs or stumble upon the Von Trapps. Lowi and I determined our excursions were a lot like Eco-Challenge. If you don’t recall it’s a multi-day race of rappelling, running, kayaking, mountain biking and the like.

We didn’t have to forage for our own food but it was close.

When we finished our 5 mile hike on Sunday we had reached a level of “hungry” that made encountering either of us prior to food a little dangerous.
(L): While G is correct that we didn’t have to actually forage for our own food I did think we might have to go back and fix our own drinks at the bar and make our own pizza.  Life is hard sometimes.

On Sunday night, we began discussing the fact that in order to round out our Eco-Challenge adventure we were going to need to get on the water.  So, we set our alarms to kayak on Georgetown Lake prior to all of the holiday festivities.  We each took a turn, somewhat like a relay race, to row out on the lake.  While no records were set, we did manage to get plenty wet.  Thankfully, unlike the typical Eco-Challenge, we did not emerge from the water with leeches!  Let’s just say if Mark Burnett wants to bring back the endurance challenge we are totally ready!

After all of our physical adventures we put on a food clinic.  We did manage to come out on top for this challenge!
What’s our next adventure together?  The Nashville Ultra November 5th.  See you in Tennessee G!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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