Find Yourself

%22Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow.%22En Vogue

What would it look like for you to find yourself? A vacation? A road trip? Money? While maybe these things could help facilitate your journey I usually find myself when I least expect it. This past weekend, I found myself running a half marathon with two of my girls. It’s an unlikely scenario, but I think we find ourselves just like we tend to find anyone important in our lives…when we aren’t looking.
Sometimes I read, write, listen to music, talk things through with my friends and there is usually some clarity that surfaces. All of these things are good for the soul. What I am talking about though is the moment when your mind, body and soul transcend the boundaries of your day to day life. When you are no longer constrained by the worries that keep you awake at night or keep your mind spinning during the day. What is this holy grail you ask? Well, I can only speak for myself, but I usually find myself on a long run (typically a race) when all of my energy and thoughts turn to each mile. As everything slips away it’s just the trail, the trees, the breeze and me. Everything at this moment comes into focus and is how it is supposed to be. Moments before I found my groove I was struggling to help my girls find their way. I was frustrated and so were they. In any endurance sport, you can support and cajole but in the end everyone has to dig deep and find their own way. Fortunately, in a distance like 13.1 miles you have plenty of time to go through the motions, emotions and still have time to find yourself.

There are other moments that I have come close to finding myself, like sitting on the beach listening to the waves or an early morning walk around the lake. While these moments are quiet and help me to find my center, they don’t have the same impact. When I am running and exerting all of my energy I can’t find the mental capacity to worry or stress about everything that is happening off the trail.

It reminds me of the song lyrics, “Free you mind and the rest will follow” by En Vogue. It’s true when you find your way to free your mind…you will begin to find yourself.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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