Thankful Thursday: Animals Make Us Better

Growing up we were always adopting stray animals. And from recent events it’s clear not all that much has changed.
Lowi, as you know, has added to her family with the rescue and adoption of Stevie Nicks.
Our mom has adopted more than her share of dogs along the way.

13417002_1012044478845088_7298832127182446579_o IMG_1403 FullSizeRender 4

Being responsible for an animal was an important part of my formative years. Having a pet means that another living creature depends on you (and that you have a good parent when you screw up.) This pet is at your mercy for food, water, and compassion. That is a big responsibility but you get so much in return — like unconditional love.
Pets are always good teachers. I’ve learned to be patient, kind, sensitive, intuitive, observant and respectful. I may only exhibit these characteristics while in the company of animals but I do my best.

My personal philosophy is that animals are a good judge of character and intention, typically. If your animal doesn’t like someone you bring in the house, you should really pay attention.

I care about animals roughly on the same level as humans. Some days I like them a bit more.

In the last year, Lowi and I have developed a bit of an obsession for goats. Particularly, these sweet, little goats at a farm in New Jersey. You can follow all their antics @Goatsofanarchy on Instagram. Goats, it appears, are always happy, bouncy and full of excitement. What better way to live?

Check out the goat fort Lowi saw at the zoo!


These goats inspire me to buy a farm, turn it into a sanctuary, and fill it with all kinds of rescues like goats, alpacas, cows, pigs and whatever else wants to live with us. I already have my first volunteer all lined up. In fact, my volunteer, who also happens to be my Aunt Lisa, is fueling my goat craziness. She gifted me a book over the weekend so I can learn more than goats are cute, which currently is the extent of my knowledge.

Animals bring us together and remind us to be loving. Thankfully, animals make us better, they remind us of our humanity.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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