Rescued By Stray Love

If you recall, back in March we visited my middle daughter in Nashville. On our way home from the airport at 1 am, Sydney and her boyfriend, Jake, rescued a small, pregnant, dehydrated and malnourished little pup off the side of the road. Reese and I sat in the backseat unsure of what exactly was happening until they were back in the car with a dog in tow! That seemingly small act of kindness sent ripples throughout their community of friends and to those whom they will never meet.

Stevie the day after her rescue

Undoubtedly, our trip was disrupted, but this was only the beginning of the story. The smile on Sydney and Jake’s faces as they named her Stevie Nicks, brought her home, cooked her rice, bathed her and promised to call the Humane Society was priceless. It’s awesome to bear witness to kindness that can only be repaid in puppy kisses.

While living with Sydney, the vet believed Stevie was in pre-term labor. The fear and excitement of having 7 puppies in a third floor apartment spurred Sydney and Jake to prepare for anything. They took turns taking care of her while they continued to search for a rescue and/or foster home. What I love about this story is that not only did these kids make sacrifices for this pup, but so did their friends. Jake’s roommate took the dog to the vet, initially, although let’s be clear, he was interested in the vet tech whom he is now dating. Another friend loaned a dog crate. Jake’s brother came to let the dog out during the day while Sydney was at work. One of Sydney’s friends even took an Uber ride to her apartment for puppy watch. It was a co-worker of Sydney’s who connected her to an amazing rescue that specializes in pregnant dogs and puppies called JoJo’s Doghouse. Upon taking Stevie to the rescue she informed them that we wanted to adopt her when she had weaned her puppies. Not only did they take Stevie in, but she was the first mama to deliver her puppies in their brand new “doghouse.” They also found homes for all 7 of her puppies before they were even two weeks old! To say the folks at JoJo’s Doghouse are incredible is an understatement.

Stevie groomed and ready to go home!

This past week, my youngest, Reese, and I drove from Colorado to Nashville to formally adopt Stevie and bring her home. On Saturday, Reese, Sydney, Jake and I picked her up from JoJo’s. While I can’t say for sure if she remembered all of us she was definitely happy to roll on her back and let us love on her. She is happy and content and we are in love.

Sydney and Jake reunited with Stevie
The circle is complete

In all, six families were blessed the night Sydney and Jake pulled over for that little white pup eating trash on the side of the road. (Two families adopted multiple puppies) It is said, that we rescue animals. I believe these animals rescue us. How can your heart not be rescued when so many come together in the name of kindness, hope and love?

Reese and Stevie: Nothing but Joy!

This is just the beginning of Stevie’s story and we are so happy to give her a forever home. The next time you see an animal or someone needing a little help think about saying yes. You might just find your heart being rescued.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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  1. gretzmom says:

    I love this story! A happily ever after for Stevie and her puppies.

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