Thankful Thursday: Stray Love

Last week we few into Nashville around midnight. We patiently waited for my daughter and her boyfriend to come pick us up because even at that hour they found it difficult to show up on time because they were recording music. On our way home they saw a small dog on the side of the road and immediately pulled over. They jumped out of the car and rescued the pup who was picking through trash at 1 am along the busy street. My first indication that our vacation was about to go in a completely different direction was when they named this dog seconds after getting in the car.
We brought little “Stevie Nicks” home with us with the plan to take her to the humane society the next morning.

Stevie Nicks realizing she just hit the jackpot!

Upon further inspection we realized our newest bundle of joy was pregnant and as such the humane society would not take her. Animal Control informed us they would have to euthanize her. We made an appointment with the vet and searched for “no kill” rescues who could provide a home for this sweet dog. The more time it took for us to find Stevie a home though, the more we began to fall in love with her. The vet informed us that she had 4 puppies and that she had at most 2 weeks before she gave birth, but to be prepared for it to happen anytime. The problem? We live in Colorado, which is one thousand miles away and Sydney lives in an apartment. Not ideal for a dog ready to deliver pups. Our number one goal was to get Stevie out of the apartment before she gave birth to these puppies!

On our second day, a friend of a friend offered to “foster” Stevie through the birth and weaning of her pups. Phew! Much gratitude to Jill for welcoming our little dog into her home. The agreement was that Sydney would come several times a week and visit, she would be there for the birth of the pups, we would find a home for the 4 puppies and then take Stevie back to Colorado.

Before flying back to Colorado we said goodbye to Stevie and felt good about her temporary home.

IMG_0725 IMG_0726

Four days later, Sydney visited Stevie and said she was happy and perky.

At 11:00 that same night, our foster mom called Sydney with devastating news. Her mother had suffered a heart attack at her home in Michigan and she had to fly out immediately. Sydney quickly drove to pick up Stevie. She brought her back to her apartment with the intention of taking her to another rescue that had been our back-up foster home. The next morning Sydney found out that the back-up foster home would not be available until Friday as they were out of town.


And then Stevie went into labor.

Sydney gathered blankets, towels and her courage.

We are all waiting to see what kind of puppies our little stray, Stevie Nicks, delivers.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Annie says:

    You DO make friends wherever you go! Good luck with your dog adventure.


    1. lbrown246 says:

      haha! Yes, even canines!


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