Torture Report: It’s Summer, Deal With It


(G): It’s officially summer, it’s officially hot and it’s time for me to stop taking it easy.
I gave myself last week to walk when I was hot and not push it too much. But all that kindness has ended. At some point you just gotta rip off the Band-Aid and accept that it’s hot and if you’re going to run, then run already.

That’s pretty much how it went down this week. I trained hard during the week with a return to my normal adventures of hill and speedwork. Neither of which I particularly like but both are more than necessary for this slow flatlander.



Swaggy J hit the trail for back to back training days over the weekend. It’s not often that I have the gift of company on my long running days. I usually just end up talking to myself. Saturday brought with it high humidity and climbing temperatures. We covered nearly every inch of trail at Highbanks MetroPark to complete a 14.5-mile training run. The last 2.5 miles were grueling and when we got back to the parking lot I was done. There wasn’t anything left and I refused to run the rest of the way to the car.

Yes, refused.

The end of the run and not another step further.

Sunday after much whining around about how sore our hamstrings and glutes were from the day before we headed out to Heritage Trail, our favorite rails to trails park. You should really read that as flat, flat and very flat terrain. The first five miles were difficult but we were doing OK. A half mile later though it was rough, the alert lights were flashing, sirens were going off, and all kinds of warnings were being issued. All this was happening in my own mind but this machine was in need of attention. I shuffled my way back to our start and more importantly where our car was parked and called it a day at 7.5 miles. I’d had big plans for 8 miles but at this point I couldn’t care less and we were out of water.

Before the run when we were still cool and happy.
The slow shuffle has begun.

Much like last week though a few minutes after arriving home the sky darkened and rain fell from the sky. Rain that would’ve helped me tremendously just mere minutes previously. But if you are working on heat training you probably don’t get much out of a cooling rain. It’s summer, deal with it.

As of yesterday, I am also back on a training schedule. I’ve been just winging it for a few weeks while we figured out if we were adding another event into the mix. We are still pondering but I figured it was time to get some focus. Our furthest race out is November 5 and a couple sprinkled in before that so it’s time to commit. It’s time to quit acting like there’s no reason to train.

Like I said, it’s summer, deal with it.


(L): This week has been awesome on the workout front. My youngest hit the pavement with me during the week.  Okay, I may have mentioned the possibility of seeing our favorite little neighborhood St. Bernard, but whatever…It worked.  Halfway through our first run of the week she began to believe the thoughts in her head.  She started telling me she wasn’t a runner and there was no way she was going to run a race or cross country in the fall.  What she failed to remember is that she has already done several races and cross country so I know she can do it.

By the weekend she had forgotten her misery and she and my hubby went out on the trail with me. While Reese wasn’t exactly thrilled once she got there, she did it. You know how it is. The idea of training is way more exciting than the actual training part. I have always said I am addicted to how I feel after I run not necessarily the running itself. It still rings true for me most days, although I do love running in the mountains on my trail. There is something about the dirt, the trees, the breeze and quite possibly the cliffs off to the side that keep me going.


This weekend it was absolutely beautiful and we could have stayed on the trail forever, but then again…we didn’t have a picnic lunch or extra drinks. After 9.23 miles we felt like we had accomplished enough for one day. Then I got home and found out G had run 14 miles!


This week, Reese and I are continuing our training, but in Nashville.  When we arrive we will be taking full advantage of the fact that we have been training at altitude.  Bring it sea level!


Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

2 Comments Add yours

  1. gretzmom says:

    You are all awesome women( and guys too). I love hearing the way this running stuff is done- it is a world of its own. So with all the bitching is a little Greek Goddess Atalanta in you all just waiting her turn!


    1. G (of Lowi & G) says:

      Thanks Susan! I like that goddess idea for sure 🙂


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