Thankful Thursday: We Have an Understanding


Early in May, our 15-year-old feline, Basil, had a bout of Pancreatitis. It was a rough several days and if Basil didn’t use up a few of his nine lives, John and I possibly took some years of our one.
The last few weeks he’s made a great recovery and is back to normal. We were ready to move on but we had one more hurdle. The vet wanted to do a follow up ultrasound to determine if a cyst on his pancreas had healed or if he’d need more “advanced” treatment.

Yes, I realize we are talking about our cat!


On Tuesday, John took him to the vet and after 30 minutes or so they came out to inform him that they could not extricate the cat from the cage and they’d need to sedate him. John offered to help but they politely declined.
Nearly an hour later John was escorted to a consultation room and the vet shared the good news.
One: his cyst had resolved itself!!!
Two: no sedation was needed.

Of course, John was curious as to what changed that they were able to not only get him out of the cage but also do an ultrasound without medicating him. We all knew it wasn’t that Basil had a change of heart. It turns out it pays to have friends on the inside.

While our curmudgeon of a cat was “incarcerated” at MedVet for nearly a week he found one of his people. He connected with someone who speaks his language, understands his salty ways.

Just before catching a medicinal shot in the rear to create an attitude adjustment, a particular vet tech came to his rescue. She shared that she took care of him while he was ill and they had “an understanding.”

Not only did she help nurse him back to health, she saved his furry backside from an unpleasant needle stick.

After 15 years in the feline world, anesthesia and sedation aren’t typically ideal so we were so relieved and thankful.

We all need to be understood. It helps when at least one other person knows what makes us purr or hiss.

We are so thankful that this lovely young lady helped out Basil. I am sure Basil would be thankful too if he weren’t so busy mounting his world domination tour of, at minimum, the lower level of our condo.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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  1. Annie says:

    Hooray for Basil! MedVet is the best…


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