Life Lesson: Happiness is in Your Backyard!



100 Days of Happiness is about finding everyday gratitude where you are right now. We often find ourselves in a state of what I like to call, “if then happy.” It’s the idea that if such and such happens…then I will be happy. This is not a good or happy place to live people. It’s much more sane to live in a state of “being happy.”

I know a lot of us are not in a place where we are content, let alone happy, right now. In fact, I had a friend text me today that after 5 years of being cancer-free, she just had another mass removed from her other breast. While she admittedly was still under the influence of her anesthetic she managed to send a coherent message with two smiley face emojis! Now that is finding gratitude where you are right now.


I hope most of us are not dealing with heartache and illness right now but you know what? Suffering is part of life and if we decide that we can’t get happy until after the suffering ends we will be waiting our entire lives. These next 98 days we challenge you to find happiness right in your backyard. The only thing that matters is that you find something to be grateful for each day.

Today was a pretty uneventful day at my house. I ran the dog, finished painting my youngest daughter’s room, watched the Thunderbirds (okay, that is always amazing and only happens once a year), bought groceries, etc… The point is that in each of those things I found gratitude. The sun was shining, I have the ability to go run, I have a beautiful dog, a safe neighborhood, live across from the Air Force Academy, I have money to buy groceries, a car. I am sincerely grateful for all of it, but I don’t think about that every day. Most days I grumble about getting outside to go run or walk and going to the grocery is not my favorite thing to do.


It’s about changing my perspective.

When I choose to make gratitude part of each day, I am content. I am happy, I am grateful.

Here is to a summer full of happy moments!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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  1. gretzmom says:

    I love the 100 days of Happiness because it isn’t what it seems at all. It is such a good experience and I am looking forward to these days of gratitude and challenge.


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