Torture Report: Unexpected Training & Back to My Happy Place



(G): Since the Outrun a little over a week ago I haven’t done one bit of physical activity that’s worth mentioning. Part of that was by design and the other part of out of necessity.
Swaggy J and I arrived home after the Outrun to discover our feline, Basil, was not quite himself. After a brief siesta it became clear he wasn’t giving us the freeze out because we’d been gone but because he didn’t feel well.
What else do you want to do after 64 miles in nearly constant rain but go to the emergency vet?! Alas we did and his diagnosis was a wait and see because it was a toss up between two possibilities.
We took him home and after a brief rally he was back at the vet on Tuesday and we finally brought him home Sunday.
So instead of returning to brief training before our scheduled 3-day race, we instead kept late night hours visiting the animal hospital, stayed awake worrying instead of sleeping, and trying to make the best decisions for the feline.

It appears that Basil is on the mend for now although I think he might have nicked off a few lives of his allotted nine this time. We, however, are going to need to skip out on the race and instead stay here to make sure our buddy continues healing.
That doesn’t mean it’s not time to get the booty back in gear. I feel like I’ve started by putting all our race gear back in the basement. We’d left it out thinking we’d be leaving again soon but yesterday I trekked it all back down and after several repeat trips up and down I got my heart rate up and felt less like I had pancake butt from sitting on it.
All sunshine and sore muscles ahead.

(L)  Sending love to Basil.  Wishing him a week of wellness and some sleep for G and Swaggy J.

This week I may have coerced, convinced and/or cajoled my hubby into training for the Slacker with me.  He hasn’t committed to anything mind you, but he did take to the trail with me on Saturday and Sunday.  We went to the mountains because all I wanted for Mother’s Day was to run on my trail aka, my happy place.  We woke up Saturday morning to 37 degrees and rain.  We managed to walk around the lake, but spent the next 8 hours waiting for the rain to go away.  Finally, about 4pm the rain subsided and we donned our winter hats and warm clothes for a chilly, not so May, run on the trail.  I don’t want to mention any names, but one of us was sucking wind and it wasn’t me.


On Sunday, we woke to sunny skies, but cold temperatures.  In fact, throughout the day you could see snow flurries falling.  Again, we put on the winter running clothes and went for it.  Remember that whole sucking wind thing that was happening the day before?  Well, the other half of us struggled on Sunday.  I don’t want to make excuses, but there may have been one too many margaritas after Saturday’s run.  Apparently, one of us can handle their drinks while the other…not so much.


I am just happy to report that the training has begun and hubby, next weekend we double our mileage!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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