Life Lesson: Stay Out of the Canoe


There are some memories from childhood that bring fond memories even if at the time they weren’t so pleasant. Like the time I got hit in the face with a baseball bat. Not so fun at the time but looking back at pictures with me sporting an impressive shiner are pretty entertaining.

And then there’s the day Lowi and I went canoeing with our Dad and Grandpa. I was fairly young so I don’t remember it exactly in chronological order but more like snapshots and moments. What I do remember is that the whole scenario was not engineered for little girls like Lowi and me.

We were moving along down the Little Darby and I could almost taste bug repellant OFF because it had been applied liberally and haphazardly. Not sure by whom but I can still conjure up that feeling on my tongue.

Then a fish jumped into the canoe. I was losing it already. Fish, worms, slippery slimy things are not what little girls enjoy.

My Dad, however, remembers that I was quite concerned that the fish that recently joined our voyage was trying eat my sister. Keep in mind I was likely under the age of 10 and anything is possible, right?

I know I wanted to go home and that mom was not going to be pleased about this fish situation.

Next thing I know we are in the water and my dad’s wallet is floating along in the water but nice and dry in a Ziploc bag. Don’t worry, we were wearing life jackets and before long Lowi and I were soaked, standing in our life jackets on the bank of the water.

It’s one of those childhood adventures that you don’t really want to repeat.

But late last week, our younger sister, Baby Lisa, and I got a text from our Dad that went like this:

Much more the direction I remember the canoe facing.

Dad: New life has been given to old canoe. Cleaned licensed and ready for shake down cruise

Baby Lisa: Nice!!
G: oh my… I am having flashbacks of being drenched and standing on the shore all over again.
Dad: You will be able to relive those experiences over and over
G: Yes, it’s called PTSD
Dad: Yes but John has not had the pleasure

G: It looks really good
I am not sure you want John in a canoe with you

Upon reflection I am still very sure I don’t want to go canoeing.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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