Thankful Thursday: Hold My Hand

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My poor, sweet 13-year-old baby had the flu last week. She was so sick that most of those nights I slept with her.
It started with a sore throat and crocodile tears on Sunday morning. By Tuesday she was actually begging to see the doctor. That was my first sign that things were not improving anytime soon. Alas, the pediatrician said what every parent dreads hearing…it’s just a virus. Meaning there was no quick antibiotic fix for this girl. So, we left with a pat on the back and hopes for a quick recovery. Forty-eight hours later, and day 5 if you aren’t quick with your days of the week, we were back in the pediatrician’s office. She walked in and I said, “we have to figure this out.” It’s rare that I actually go to the doctor with one of my girls that I don’t already know the diagnosis but I was at a loss with this one.
She had already been tested for all of the usual culprits and since she wasn’t sporting a fever with this nasty virus, they assumed it couldn’t be the flu.

They were wrong! She had the flu.

Here’s the thing though. During the week my baby reverted to…needing me. It’s true my almost 14-year-old baby girl not only needed me, but reached her little hand out for me to hold! I almost didn’t know what to do because it had been so long since she willingly wanted to hold my hand. I’ll admit there was a little hesitation on my part because she had just thrown up and blown her nose, but what the heck I was already knee-deep into this illness and there was no turning back. Then she wanted me to sleep with her and comfort her. Aside from the fact that my sweet girl felt like she was on the brink of death I was all too happy to snuggle up and give her all the love she needed.

So that is how my week went day after day. Sure, there were the occasional outbursts of refusing to drink fluids and the continual check in the bathroom to be sure her head was still above water while taking a bath. I’m not joking, she literally looked like she might drown in the tub as she soaked her achey little body. Days 5 and 6 also brought the added stress of complications from her diabetes, but we battled on and we made it to the other side. Thank you Zofran! We barely made it with you and we definitely could not have done it without you!

Interestingly enough, on day 8 when Reese was finally feeling back to herself she said, “this has been the best week…aside from the being sick part. I loved having you hold my hand, sleep with me and just take care of me the whole week.” Talk about tugging at your heart.

Fortunately, my baby girl has recovered. I am so grateful that she is back to herself. I just hope our little love fest continues a little longer.  Her birthday is this weekend so maybe she would like to have a sleepover with me!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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