Wasted Time

“When I think about those summer nights
Singing out the window, on the back roads, Sweet Child of Mine
Sipping on the local’s spark of light
Ain’t it funny how the best days of my life
Was all that wasted time, all that wasted time

Out of nowhere, it slipped away
And the rope by the river hangs silently
And the town that we knew ain’t nothing like it used to be
Ah, I can’t explain
They took all the color from the picture frame
And the days got sold to the grid and the game.”

The idea of striking a balance between work and play is often a discussion in our house. Okay, it’s a discussion that I have with my hubby who happens to need some balance, but he isn’t here long enough to actually have the conversation. So, basically I am just talking to myself! It’s okay, he will read this blog before he goes to work and give me a comment on the way out the door to let me know that the message has been received. It’s all good. The thing is I love and appreciate all of the work he does because I know it’s who he is and how he does things. He could just use a little more “wasted time.” Not easy when his work schedule requires A LOT from him, but he could still use some more down time.

How do we find time to sing out the window and let the worries slip away? Make plans! If you don’t make plans, it won’t happen. Sure, we have good intentions and we really want to be driving down the highway, radio blaring and the wind blowing through our hair, but life happens. Life is always sitting there with a laundry list of responsibilities and reasons why we can’t go have fun. Plan something fun anyway. Make dinner plans with your friends, buy concert tickets, book your vacation, turn a trip to the hardware store into a date (nothing better than a hot dog, chips and a drink outside Home Depot), just make plans. Or better yet, when the feeling moves you, go do it.
Recently, I have been trying to do this with my youngest. I pick her up from track practice and she is less than enthused with the prospect of doing homework, eating dinner and the normal nighttime routine. My normal response would be, “sorry, but it needs to get done and it’s already 5:00.” Instead I have been listening to her talk about her day and the drama of middle school and I just know her little heart is breaking. So, I look at her and say, “let’s go walk around the shops, get something to eat and hang out for awhile. We can do homework later.” Then I turn up the music and watch the day just wash away as she smiles and sings along.


It’s amazing what a difference an hour of “wasted time” can make in our lives.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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