Traveling Adventures

Travel is almost always synonymous with adventure. It often goes awry and especially when flying you’re at the mercy of the process.
Recently, I took a last-minute trip to North Carolina and was gone about 40 hours. How much can happen?
If you’re Lowi, a lot can happen on one flight. She makes fast friends for life and gets adopted by a woman returning home to India. She gets offers to tours and home cooking.

I tend to not have as interesting of flights.
I am usually just stuck sitting next to a tobacco-spitting guitarist or a super chatty business traveler.

My Dad agreed to drop me off at the airport. It was already an interesting start when he asked if I needed a ride home the next day. I told him my husband was picking me up and he said if he can’t, I can.
That’s nice and all but I assured Dad that my flight was expected to land around 11 pm so if John wasn’t available to fetch me we’d have bigger problems than my ride home.
He laughed.
The fun didn’t stop there, we left for the airport and Dad headed toward… well I am not sure where but not toward the airport. I thought this might be an eventful day. And it was.


Next up, TSA offered a bit of an obstacle to my travels. I often carry food with me when I travel. Being vegan and someone who is regularly “hangry” I want to be sure food is within arms’ reach.
Since my trip was quick I didn’t check a bag and that’s really how things got off the rails. I had some snacks and a brand new jar of peanut butter. In my mind it wasn’t a liquid so it was good.
It was not.
My carryon was taken to the investigation aisle and soon was being sorted through. Next the TSA agent was pulling a large Ziploc bag of food from my belongings. He said, “Do you have a special diet?”
“Why do you ask?” I replied.
“Well you have more food than clothing in your bag so…”
I shared with him I eat a vegan diet and like to eat… a lot. Then he did the unthinkable. He confiscated my peanut butter.
It was a brand new jar!

I said, “umm I am coming back tomorrow, you think I could retrieve it on my way back?”
He laughed.
Guess that was a no.
So then I encouraged him to take it home and eat some and that would make me feel better than wasting it.
He laughed again.

I am sure the offending nut butter was incinerated but I tried.
Once I got through the security check point and a couple people tried to hide that they were laughing at me I did what anybody would do, I bought Twizzlers.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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