Torture Report: Sunny Skies and Fatigue

(L): Good News!  After two weeks of unexplained bruises and injuries I have nothing new to report on that front.  I am healthy and injury free.


Jenny was super excited about the running prospect…the first day.  I am not so sure she was so excited the following days.  We are now on spring break and we aren’t out there running together so I am hoping we will both be ready to climb back on the wagon together a week from now.

I did manage to get my family out on the trail this weekend.  While it was a little on the cool side it was absolutely beautiful.


Still thinking about the races and ultras that I want to participate in for the rest of this year. I have a few more days to decide on the 3 days at the Fair.  Nothing like procrastinating.


Friday afternoon miles

(G): Ooh wee!! It was a week of training and I’m not quite ready for another.

Fifty-six miles for the week took a bit out of me. The week started out with hills on Tuesday and speedwork on Wednesday. I was already tired. Then Friday rolled around and since it was forecast as the best day I decided to do my longest mileage. Twenty-two miles in equally high winds was my trade off for sun… and later a slight sunburn. There was far more walking in my 22 miles than I had planned but I am no fool. When you are running hard into the wind and not moving any faster than if you were walking… well I am going to walk.
Early on I recruited Lowi into chatting to me by phone. I am not sure she heard anything from my end of the conversation except shhhhhhhh from the howling winds. Although I didn’t have anything profound to say. It’s always helpful to have some distraction especially when you are getting started. When you have a couple miles in but 20 more to go it can be daunting to say the least.
A little foot triage midway through.
Then Swaggy J took pity on me and joined me for the last 10. We speed walked those at a pretty impressive pace… for us.
Later that night, I climbed into a tub of epsom salt and lavender. When you have 20 more miles on tired legs in the next two days you gotta triage. Clearly, I was tired from the distance and the week because not long after getting in the water I promptly woke myself up… snoring. Training is not classy or glamorous. At least not in my world. It’s all sweat, grime, chafing, blisters, eating food off the ground and getting excited when there is indoor plumbing.
Saturday morning I woke to two thoughts: I have to teach yoga this morning and then… plus 10 miles. That seemed painful but it felt a whole lot better than doing 22 miles.
With a little bit of snow and a dreary sky, I got 10 walking miles in. It was more mental anguish than physical but with a good iPod playlist you can endure just about any monotony.


Sunday morning I got up early and decided I was going to get those 10 miles in my rearview mirror promptly.  Surprisingly, I ran a hard 10. Now let’s be honest, there was lots of whining, complaining, kvetching and other carrying on that occurred in my mind while running. But I was tired and decided it could hurt for a shorter period of time by running hard or I could drag it out.
I chose shorter. I was blown up at the end but, who cares, it was the end!!!
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G


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