Torture Report: Sun & Perspective; Wild Banshee Mind

(L) The beautiful weather has continued here in Colorado and I have been outside every single day soaking it up!


I love the weeks that allow me to do everything I said I was going to do. Now, I realize that I should be able to do everything I say I am going to do, after all, I am a grown up. However, I seem to get sidetracked easily. This week though, I was all in!

It was one of those weeks that left me thinking that perhaps Pocahontas could rise out of the ashes of 2015 and be amazing-ish again!

You know what I am talking about, right? You get outside, you get in a good walk or run and your heart rate is getting up there and then when it’s over you have all of this energy? That is what has been happening this week. And yes, I did even manage to get in a couple of runs this week. It felt so good. On Saturday, I even logged 5 miles.


If you want to remain impressed you should probably not read G’s portion of the torture report because as per usual she has a much larger number of miles on her scoreboard!

So what was different about this week? The sun and perspective. The warmth of the sun always gets me this time of year. It comes blazing through the windows lighting the rooms and warming everything it touches. It just makes you want to throw open the windows and get outside and breathe it all in. It energizes my whole being and motivates me to be my best. For me, that includes physical exercise.

Perspective also makes a huge difference. I think in the winter when it’s cold and the sun only peaks out sporadically it’s easy to get bogged down by…everything. The rollercoaster of life feels like too much and adding something that is good for you feels like work. Sometimes, though, we get that little break and we remember that while life is full of details we need not always get tangled in the minutiae of it all.


As I embark on a new week of torture I wonder what came first? The sun? The perspective? The motivation? The chicken? The egg? I guess all that matters is that Pocahontas is rising and she will live to see another day.

Blissfully Colorado isn’t the only state reveling in unseasonably warm weather. We nearly hit 70 on Saturday!

(G): It always happens and yet I am still surprised. There comes a point in training when your biggest enemy is your own mind. Sure, how fit you are at any given moment certainly has an impact but for me, it always returns to managing the real estate between my ears. ALWAYS.
For whatever reason, I rent that particular area of my body to wild banshees that can’t keep anything straight, are up all hours of the night, and generally make herding cats seem like a simple practice.

It was one of those weeks where mileage was climbing with each passing day, fatigue was increasing and then on Friday I started getting a little stressed. I was slated to run 15 miles on Saturday. I know it sounds silly when I have run much farther. But I haven’t run that far since very early in November and those banshees got the best of me. I didn’t sleep well and I got up feeling psyched out before I even got started.

I hurried up and got the run on in order to put the banshees into a napping mood. They behaved and I found a pretty good groove until just passed 10 miles. Those wild ones woke up just about the time everything in my body started to hurt and everything had the same demand: STOP!

For the next 5 miles everything is yelling that it’s time to stop: my quads, my hamstrings, my abs, my lungs, the banshees.. I mean my mind. I even stopped once and had a little pep talk with myself. Yes, out loud at a decibel people could hear but who cares.

IMG_4400 IMG_4397

Then I started to wonder if it seems like every part of me is asking to stop who’s the crazy that keeps me moving forward? Clearly, that’s a topic for another day with some sort of mental health professional but it’s a curious thought all the same. I came home and laid on the floor in my family room for quite some time. I did eventually get up because my Buddha belly was rumbling and it declared it was time to eat already.

But I was relieved the run was done. Then reality set in: I am running 10 miles tomorrow.
Yep, that will do a number on your brain. Sunday morning I banged around the house, working on other things, essentially procrastinating and eventually got my butt out the door around noon.

It was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. Started out good but then it went a little sideways. Those second days are always tough anyway because you start out tired. Before long my wet feet, sore muscles and mental fatigue all joined the chorus. They are a bit like the Rockettes when they get going, they’ve got quite a kick.

But I made it through and graciously this is a recovery week so I get to dial it back and rest up for another three-week ramp up.

It looks like Pocahontas and I will live to run another day.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

The Torture Report began in January 2014 as a weekly update of our journey to completing a 50-mile race. Since then it’s continued on to become a chronicle of how we try mightily to find fitness, health and sometimes the finish line. We aren’t always successful but we keep showing up and telling you all about it on Tuesdays.

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