Becoming Pocahontas


For those of you who have been with us for awhile you know that we trained for months to run 50 miles for G’s birthday. We did it and it was Epic!

I have had some time to reflect on our journey as well as view the photos many times. I am sure there is something innately wrong with me, but all I can think is that my butt looks enormous in spandex! Now don’t get me wrong I am very appreciative for my health and the strength of my body. I would just feel better if I was leaner.

It doesn’t help that while viewing the race photos I continue to see the runner we affectionately named Pocahontas. She was a specimen with two long braids (hence the nickname). This girl was a lean, mean, efficient running machine. Because we were on the trail all damn day and she was very fast, I had the great opportunity of having Pocahontas pass me many times. So, I did what anyone would do, I created a life for Pocahontas. It went something like this:

She has always been a runner. She has never eaten anything unhealthy. She is not married and she clearly has never birthed any children. And she is a freak of nature.

Are you still with me? Okay, because this is where it gets super annoying. A few days after the race everyone was posting comments on the Outrun24 Facebook page and Pocahontas posted her running blog. So, of course I immediately went to her website to check it out.

Big Mistake!

The only thing I correctly assumed about Pocahontas was that she is a freak of nature! As of 3 years ago she had never run, she was eating hot dogs and pizza on a regular basis, she is married to a very supportive husband and she has a daughter who is at least 15! Really? What was I to do with this information other than stalk her entire website to understand how she went from a hot-dog eating non-runner to Pocahontas? She did not disappoint. It was all there. She described how she began running 3 miles/week, eating slightly better, did push ups, crunches, Insanity DVDs, a Yogini DVD and voila in 9 months she was ripped!



So, what’s a girl to do with all of this information? Order Insanity and Yogini, of course! I will keep you posted on my progress and if you don’t mind…please, call me Pocahontas.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kaleen says:

    You are an inspiration! I wish you all the best! Did Insanity videos but for a short time, they are wonderful! So happy for you and your accomplishments! You keep me laughing, I appreciate you!


    1. lbrown246 says:

      Thanks Kaleen! I’m pretty sure you are a Pocahontas! You’ve always inspired me!:-)


  2. runwright says:

    Yes, Pocahontas. You can and will do it!


    1. amillerbarton says:

      I agree, she can do it! 8 more miles today. That will feel like a walk in the park… sort of.


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