Torture Report: Tuned In And Leaving It All Behind


(G) Just like a radio, we all have a frequency that when tuned into we work best.
I am at my optimum when dialed into the outdoors, moving, running, walking station.
For the past month the reception has been a little fuzzy but in the last week it’s gotten a little stronger every day until I can now actually make out the song that’s playing.
I have slowly made my way back to the routine and the activities that make me feel most like myself. Exercise is definitely part of that.
With a race in less than 70 days and little to no serious training to speak of focus and discipline are imperative.
Wednesday, Swaggy J told me it was “time to knock the rust off.” He has all kinds of quirky little sayings like this that probably weren’t intended for running but it doesn’t stop him from applying them liberally.
He told me to get on the treadmill and run quarters as hard as I could for a mile. When you’re lost and out of sorts it’s best to follow someone else’s compass, especially when you know they’re headed your direction.
Two things happened:
I ran a mile
I felt better
Thursday, it was time to get on the wagon that has been dragging me and hammered out 4 miles of a run/walk combo.
Wow am I out of shape!
Friday, Lowi and I hit the park for a mental health walk before dinner and Saturday we rolled through a 5-mile walk. Being out in the open with the sun high in the sky made me feel like I could breathe again.
None of this has been impressive training but each step got me closer to my frequency, my vibration.

This upcoming week agility training begins. I even created a DIY agility ladder. Yep duct tape does fix everything.

Sunday it was on. I made the decision that run, walk or crawl I was going to get to 8 miles. I felt compelled to beat myself up a bit because strangely I knew that would do wonders for me mentally. And it did.
I ended up going just shy of 9 miles. I didn’t break speed records, run the whole thing or discover that I am fitter than I thought. But I am tuned in. It’s a start.

(L)  As G said, it’s been a slow start to the new year.  If you have been following along you know that life hit us upside the head and it has taken a toll, but we are trying to get back at it.  If not for our physical health, for our mental sanity.  One thing we know for sure is that we can’t go too long without at least getting outside and breathing some fresh air.


Last week was cold and dreary back in Ohio, but Friday afternoon the sun came out for a couple of hours and G and I took advantage of it and headed to the park for some much needed exercise.  The air was brisk and my legs were slightly confused about the forward motion as they had grown accustomed to sitting and standing over the past week. G would tell you that I complained about my foot and neck hurting and that she offered to turn back.  We pressed on and by the end of the walk I looked at her and said, “it’s all gone. I needed that.”  It’s true that most times when I feel the worst if I just get outside and walk or run I can leave it all behind.


I knew I was flying out on Saturday afternoon so we planned one more walk in the morning.  Once again, everything was hurting, but we talked and walked it out over 5 miles.  There really isn’t much that can’t be cured or at least made bearable in 5 miles. Just like everything looks better in the morning, everything looks better after 5 miles on the trail.  It looks better after a glass of wine, too, but it’s typically frowned upon at 9am.


Now I am back in Colorado and it’s not exactly outdoor running weather.  We are currently under a winter storm warning until Wednesday.  We have about 12 inches of snow and my exercise yesterday involved a shovel.  I have a feeling that my treadmill and shovel will both be getting some use today.


Here’s to fresh air, exercise and letting it all go.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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