Torture Report: Run Free!

My vision board is still a work in progress… not unlike myself.

(G): In the last three weeks I’ve gotten a perspective change. I’ve witness suffering, fear, pain, fatigue and the rebirth of hope. Running, by comparison, is not that hard.

Life is hard, running is salve for the soul.

This year, I’m getting a slower start than planned but it actually goes along with what I was thinking about in the first few days of January.

I’ve been running with so many goals in recent years that they weighed on me a bit.
The goals were great and I’m glad I put them before myself but I’m called in 2016 to take a different approach.
I want to train hard but with freedom.

My theme this year is: RUN FREE!
Yes, it should be yelled and loudly with exclamation!

I don’t have any specific resolutions but if I had to form my thoughts into basic intentions this what it looks like right now:

1. No mileage goals

I don’t have a set number of miles that I want to run this year. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to run far but not in a framework. Just run. My first three races of the year are all time races and I don’t have any expectations of miles. I’m sure as they get closer I may but I hope I don’t. I want to leave it open. Maybe if I don’t set goals I’ll do even more than I ever thought I could!

2.  Do things that push me way out of my comfort

OK so not everything has changed. I want to keep having experiences and making memories that I look back on with equal parts: “That was amazing!” and “ I can’t believe I did that?”

3.  Run with gratitude

I am able to run, have the time to run, the safety of my neighborhood to run, and for that I want to have mindful thanks.

4. Laugh as often as I can

Sometimes we laugh because we’re entertained, sometimes we laugh so we don’t cry, and sometimes we think that we’re too cool to laugh. Either way, I want to laugh more. I mean laugh till my drink almost comes out my nose or I almost spit it on you. (I said ALMOST spit it on you)


5. Strive to live by these rules for running or life

I picked these up from Beyond Limits Running. I want to be sure they get credit because this is brilliant in its simplicity and yet has depth of value and meaning.

Think Positively
Breathe Deeply
Live Simply
Hug Tightly
Speak Kindly
Laugh Loudly

And while you are taking those in give a click on this. Swaggy J turned me onto this last week when I needed just this kind of inspiration. I sent it along to Lowi and she felt the goodness as well.
I hope you are so inspired.

Life is hard, run for your soul.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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