Thankful Thursday: The Sushi Roll of Friendship

I had a ridiculous conversation with a friend this week about California rolls that left me feeling grateful.
You may wonder how sushi gets you to gratitude. Trust, it was a first for me, too!
She was telling me how she was mad at Whole Foods. (Yes, we get mad at non-people.) I, of course, chimed in and said I was mad at Giant Eagle. Let’s be clear we both know these are our silly first-world problems.


I am embarrassed as I type but this is how it went… I love that our local grocery store has fresh sushi every day. Often I can get brown rice veggie California rolls and spring rolls. Score!
My “problem” and the reason for my grudge is that the last few weeks when I wanted sushi it was all gone.
I know, it’s a rough situation. See I told you this was ridiculous story. I go on and on about how bummed I am and my best pal commiserates with me. She made it seem like my disproportionate displeasure is completely normal.
It’s been a stressful week so maybe I needed to vent merely as a release.
All I know is that the next moment we are both laughing so hard at the absurdity of it all. We’ve also determined that maybe we should never go in public together because our “barely there” filters would get us into worse trouble.
As we were laughing and making fun of ourselves my stress level dramatically decreased and I started to feel a sense of ease I hadn’t had in a few days.
Without my missing sushi I might not have had this surge of gratitude.

But grateful I am for Shakira, as she’s come to be known on the blog. We’ve been friends for years, we finish each other’s sentences at times, and we see just about every situation the exact same way. She’s got my back even when I probably really need to be smacked back into reality.

We all need a sushi roll friend.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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