Thankful Thursday: My Person


Just this week, I was walking and trying to sort out the crazy that was running though my head. I knew I needed my person, but she was busy so I continued to try to walk myself out of the rabbit hole I had fallen into. While I wasn’t entirely successful, I was functioning at a level that would not make anyone take a second glance. Then she texted me. She has that sixth sense. She called me and we shared what was going on in both of our lives.

Don’t get me wrong I share with a lot of people, but this woman, she can take anything I dish out and there will be no judgement. It’s what I imagine confession would be like if I was Catholic without any Hail Marys. It soothes my soul and I feel free from the burdens that were weighing me down prior to our talk. I literally can say anything without a filter. I never have to look through the lens first and say to myself, “eh, that might be a little too much information to share with another human being.” Nope, she will laugh with me or cry with me because she knows exactly what I am feeling.

We met when our oldest children were beginning 4th grade and we have now been friends for 11 years. From our first conversation we have been in total sync. She was the first person my oldest spent the night with that I didn’t really know. It started as a simple after-school play date and turned into a reluctant sleepover. I remember my husband saying, “it will be fine. They sounded nice on the phone and they are at their grandparents having dinner. How horrible can they be?” Well, in my mind they could have been really horrible. All I could think about all night was that they had just moved here from Texas and they probably were carrying concealed weapons and had an arsenal under their bed! The next morning as early as I saw fit I called the mom to make sure my child was, in fact, still alive. Immediately, I told her I had never let my child stay anywhere that a full background check had not been performed and that while I was remiss this time I hoped she didn’t hold it against me…if, in fact, my child was still alive. Okay, maybe I didn’t say all of that, but it was implied and she got the message. After our hellos she put me at ease by saying, “hey, I know we haven’t actually met but don’t worry, we don’t have any guns in the house and there are no older brothers.” This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship as we instinctually knew what the other needed to hear. This back and forth has continued through the years and very quickly we realized this was not by chance. It was as she likes to call it, “divine intervention” that brought us together. We have lived very parallel lives over these last 11 years and I could never have survived without her support, her laugh and her genuine, loving spirit. Oh, and the little bottles of tequila she leaves on my front porch occasionally.
As we move through this month of thanksgiving and gratitude I hope you will reach out and show some love to your person. You never know when you might need them to help you move a corpse across the living room floor or bring the shop vac because your house is actively flooding!


Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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