Torture Report: Darkness and Snow!

(G): As I head toward the race this week I am met with a thought that’s rather annoying. The time has changed, the days are shorter, and I am going to be doing a 24-hour race in mere days spending more of it in the dark than the light.
I had this thought at 6:11 p.m. on Sunday as I sat at my dining table planning for the week and realizing that the sun had set. What? It’s barely after 6?
Gone are the days of the sun not setting until way past 8.

Just in case you don’t recall what night racing entails…

Much like my cat, Parsley, is a heat-seeker, I am a light-seeker. I am a follower of the sun. I am one of those people who unofficially has seasonal affective disorder. I don’t work as well when it’s dark. It feels like closing time.

Of course, when I say that I also find myself singing Semisonic’s “Closing Time.” If you don’t know it, you may want to skip clicking on the link because it gets stuck in your head. If you DO know it and it’s already running through your head, go right ahead.

Then Monday morning I woke up at 3 and it was, you guessed it, dark!
Then I thought, “What would it feel like to be still out on the course at this hour?”


It’s becoming an illness because on my way to an 8:30 am appointment yesterday I then was pondering that the race would still be 30 minutes from its end. Closing time, for sure!

This is the kind of crazy that rolls around in your head the week of a race. All kinds of nonsensical nonsense!! I know it’s redundant but that’s what it’s like. Redundant, repetitive thoughts that cycle over and over and over and over and... you get the idea.

Have I done anything except think in the last week? Why yes I have but not much. My last long-ish distance was 10 miles on Saturday and since then it’s been a slow descent into laziness… I mean resting.

But those pull ups are showing signs of improvement. I still haven’t accomplished a complete pull up BUT my hands are slowing growing accustomed to having the skin sheared off while holding onto the bar. AND I can hang in the air longer than before. Yep, it’s sad but I will not be deterred by my inadequacies.

A few more days and then off to New Jersey we go. I hope if Lowi’s Indian Mama is somewhere nearby she’ll sense it and stop by with some food.

(L) I was just thinking that considering most people who don’t know G and me well can’t tell the difference between us, she might be able to drop in on Raj and Lalitha in New Jersey. Then again, a mother always knows her children and no matter that G and I share a brain I think my adopted mother would know it wasn’t me. I will put at good word in for you, but I am not sure mama is up for course crew just yet.

Beautiful view of a snow capped Pikes Peak on my morning walk

So, I did finally break the long stretch of nothingness that was happening.  I was able to get out and do our 3 miles most days last week and it feels so good to be back.  Samson is pretty happy about it as well.  In fact, with the time change he was ready to go an hour earlier today.  Those kids and pets just don’t get the time change thing.  Well, actually neither do I.  I am now waking up at 4:30am.  I have no idea why since I was having trouble waking at 6am three days ago!  Anyway, while it feels good to be back into the groove, snow is on the horizon. The weather report has it cold and snowy Thursday through Saturday.  I can’t say I am looking forward to the hats, gloves and the multiple layers that are needed to workout in the morning.

Oh right, pull ups.  Did I say I was going to hang on my pull up bar this week?  That didn’t happen, but since G has made it sound oh so appealing with the skin sheared hands and all I will get right on that.  It’s the least I can do since G and Johnny Armani will be trekking along the trail for 24 hours of fun.  Maybe when she sends text updates I will send photos of myself hanging by my skin sheared hands from my pull up bar.  Sounds like a plan!

Enjoy your ultra adventure in New Jersey, G.  We will all be cheering you on and we can’t wait to hear about it next week!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

The Torture Report began in January 2014 as a weekly update of our journey to completing a 50-mile race. Since then it’s continued on to become a chronicle of how we try mightily to find fitness, health and sometimes the finish line. We aren’t always successful but we keep showing up and telling you all about it on Tuesdays.

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