Thankful Thursday: 31 Days to Savor Fun!

Savor Life
Our next 31 days of ways we will Savor Fun. Join us the whole month or just jump in when the spirit moves you.

October is the month of Halloween, candy, costumes goblins, haunted houses, scaring yourself silly and being silly.
It’s apple cider, pumpkins and hayrides.
It’s complete with boots, sweaters and football games. October has all the makings for fun.
Last year, we pondered savoring life as a whole.
This year, we are savoring, more specifically, FUN!

Each day we’ll post on our site a new idea/thought to savor fun. You can interpret it any way you like, as long as it’s fun.

We have a special Savor Fun page on our website and we hope you’ll share your experiences in the comments section as well if you choose.

If you receive our blog via email, a link will be included to the Savor Fun page on our site so you can navigate there easily. The same will be true if you read our blog from our website. Easy peasy, right?

We hope you follow along and/or participate but most of all please do savor fun.

Find out all about today’s Savor Fun Activity by clicking here.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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