Life Lesson: Never Stop Moving, Growing and Trying


At times, I am positive I drive Lowi crazy with my squirrel-like attention span and always wanting/needing to try something new. Especially in the last year, her life has been rather “full” and at every turn I have been saying “Hey, let’s try this!,” “Want to run 50 miles,” “How about a silent retreat?,” OK I didn’t say that last one but I probably should 🙂

I think she was often thinking, I just want a good night’s sleep and a step stool to keep the water from covering my head.


Why this need to jump into all these things?

I don’t know maybe it’s the Taurus in me, fighting the Taurus in me. We May babies dig our heels in, we like routine, we like creature comforts and I know all that can be true of me and it also sounds a little like dying a slow death.
What’s the point of traipsing around this twirling planet for decades if we get set in our likes and dislikes at 25 and stay there?

It seems like time wasted.
I mean, I love pad thai (vegan, of course) and I will keep eating it often but that doesn’t mean that’s all I’m going to eat, EVER!

So why adventure, experiments and the like?
It pushes me and that’s why I like it.
It forces me in new directions, to feel new emotions, to be nervous, to be scared and that’s healthy. It’s not always big stuff like long endurance races.
Sometimes it’s silly experiments like washing my hair with Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda. Right, remember that one?
Or deciding that September is for Serious workouts and Salad!

Other times it’s: 
100 days of happiness
Monthly fitness challenges
Trying veganism (and it stuck)
Trying gluten free (and it didn’t)
Learning to juice
Being a unicorn wrangler (just seeing if you were still paying attention)


It’s like putting on new glasses all the time. I think through my life like this maybe because I am, shockingly I know, an introvert.
The lesson or directive for me is never stop trying on new habits, personas, adventures and seeing what sticks and what’s a fad.
It’s knowing who you are but not letting that box you in.

I have a new challenge that’s creeping up on the scene: veggies for breakfast. I dabbled in this before but I am now jumping in anew. Stay tuned, there’s bound to be hilarity even if it just comes from making fun of me 🙂

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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