Thankful Thursday: 100 Days of Happiness 2015!!

One hundred days of looking for what is working in our lives, what we have to be thankful, grateful and happy-full!! Phew, there were days when it felt like there wasn’t a darn thing worth reporting but then you’d find it. As always, this practice never fails to remind us what’s really important and that there is much for which to give thanks.

As we go back through the 100 days to give you a brief review below, what is noteworthy is not much of it is outrageous fun, glamorous outings or expensive doings. It is the day-to-day goodness. It’s the silly that made us laugh, the people we love, and the simple joys of being alive and be present in it.

Most especially we’d like to thank all of you who followed along and those who participated. It wasn’t always easy, we know, for you either and yet you showed up every day and let us in on your gratitude, your life, your time and for that we are — well — HAPPY! (and thankful, grateful and humbled)

All Sunshine,

Lowi & G

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