Life Lesson: Believe Them

“When someone shows you who they are believe

As a mother of three girls I have used this quote often. Over the years, my girls have given me scenarios of friendships and boyfriends and asked me for my opinion. While I may have a lot to say I always go back to this quote. I am not saying people don’t make mistakes, we all do.

I am saying people show you their character in their everyday actions and you need to believe them. I see so many women and men out there that make excuses for the people that they are with. If someone yells a lot and gets physical, don’t make excuses for them. They have an anger issue, move on. If someone can’t ever make plans with you, they have a commitment issue. Move on. If you spend all of your time doing for them and they can never help you out. They are a taker, move on. If they have an addiction or habit they can’t get on top of, they are numbing their own pain. Move on.

However, if there is a mutual give and take, they listen to you, they are there for you during the good and the bad, they treat you with love and respect and if a difference arises you work it out…then hang on.

So often I see people struggle to hold onto toxic relationships and quickly let go of something good. True connection, friendship and love take work. Don’t confuse hard work with beating your head against a wall!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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