Thankful Thursday: Finding Joy

“Laughter is the shortest distance between

As our days of summer and happiness are coming to a close I have noticed my posts have changed. Life has become so simple and so has my gratitude. This was always the goal of course, to find the joy in the simple everyday life.

A couple of days ago I got a random quote sent to me via text at about 10:30pm from G. It was a sarcastic, hateful quote that made me laugh out loud. What was even funnier was the psycho-analyzing and back and forth texts that ensued.
We spent a good 15 minutes laughing in our respective homes annoying our spouses while G showed off her very large vocabulary! It was nothing and yet it was pure laugh out loud joy.

Isn’t that the whole point? Joy, laughter, love, gratitude, peace, happiness and people to share it with…that is enough for me.

Day 95 & All Sunshine,
Lowi & G

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