Over the Hump


Just as you are sick of reading about transition….I am sick of being in it! Nobody likes change and I am no exception. When I do have to go through transitions I like them to be quick and dirty.
Last week as G and I were discussing the blog I realized we still had one more week of August and I was completely demoralized because these 31 days have felt like 3 months! LET IT BE OVER ALREADY THIS TRANSITION IS TAKING TOO DAMN LONG!

In fact, I have started using song lyrics to describe my life. G knows that this is a sign that I have not had enough/any sleep and I am at my breaking point. I am pretty fond of Carrie Underwood’s newest release, “Smoke Break” in which she describes not being a drinker, but needing a stiff drink and not being a smoker, but wanting to take a long drag and watching the world fade away…
No, I don’t need rehab, I just need to move on with my life and get out of this transition period.

So, as I write this blog I have begun to dig myself out. How? I have gone through the motions and the emotions. I have faked it until I felt like I could make it and now I am emerging on the other side of this month and this transition. I have walked, talked, written, worked, read, clamored for any distraction, cried, cleaned, listened to music and tried to remember who I am. It’s not easy when you find your job has been downsized and that the terms of your position have changed dramatically. Yes, I still have one at home and my others still need me, but things have changed. I have been planning for this. I went back to school a few years ago in preparation for being able to work more hours when the time came. Well, the time has arrived and after a month of wallowing in my lack of productivity I am ready to get going again.

So, thank you for letting me work through this transition period. I know it’s still going to take time, but I think I am over the hump. And it definitely helps to know that my girls are all back on U.S. soil, that they are where they want to be, they are happy and healthy and working toward their own goals.

IMG_4782 11903655_881871095226553_936208162366740296_o


Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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