Happiness Jars: Why I Keep It Going

The Original Happiness Jar for 2015
The Happiness Jar Annex… where all things that are too big to fit into the jar go!

(G) Write it down or you’ll forget. Write it down and savor it!
These are just two of the reasons that happiness jars are vital if you want to grow gratitude and you are not by nature a warm fuzzy.

You might be, like me, more of a who-the-hell-has-been-drinking-from-my-once-full-glass-type person.

At least that’s why I do it.
I am not someone who innately counts blessings. I am thankful but I also need a good healthy nudge on occasion. I am a sarcastic soul and that sharp wit, sadly, requires a lens more focused on what’s wrong, what’s weird… not what’s amazing.

I am more of a bracer, a wait for the other shoe girl. I like to be prepared. So this whole embrace the world, swing the door to your heart wide open is a conscious effort for me.

I do warm up, don’t get me wrong and once I do, and you’ve learned the secret handshake, the password and you have the decoder ring, I am pretty much an open book. But if I want to keep you at arm’s length we won’t even pinky swear. Ever!

While that might be marked on my DNA somewhere I strongly believe we can change. We can hone other skills, we can be different if we want.

And I want… I want to be someone who, without thought, hugs someone that I don’t know upon meeting them because it feels like good heart sense.

I want to end the day regaling my cats (yes, I talk to them) about all the good stuff that happened. Not all that was more like cleaning their litter boxes.

I want happy and grateful, to be my default position. Instead of sassy, salty and OK I will say it.. sarcastic.

And the happiness jar helps me to do that. Not every second, not even every day but more. More is good. More is better in this circumstance.

Here’s my jar for the year thus far. Some weeks I do well. Others it’s left unattended and unfed. But I keep coming back.


Sunshine & Sarcasm,


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