How Sacred is My Year?


As I read G’s update, “How Boundless and Awesome Am I?” I got really nervous.  I knew I had committed to running a lot of miles with her, but what else?  Maybe things weren’t going to turn out any different than 2014.  That certainly wasn’t my intention.

These were the intentions I set out to accomplish for 2015:

Monthly Challenges (January -Planks) – So, I did begin January doing planks… I am pretty sure I forgot that this was one of my intentions.
Running 2,015 miles with G – I have only run 409 miles this year which means I still have 598 left!  I better lace up my running shoes a little more often.
Outrun 2015 – Nope. I opted out of the Outrun this year due to lack of training and my middle daughter having a big concert the same day.  While I did miss being with G this year I don’t regret the decision.
Slacker Half Marathon – I am registered and the Slacker is this Saturday!
Running 3-4 days week with my neighbor – I actually was running/walking with my neighbor until school let out for the summer.  Now I am just going with my pup, Samson, most days.
Weight training – While I haven’t done this religiously I would say I have had a weight lifting routine for most of the year. I am definitely moving in the right direction.
Yoga- I have discovered the benefits of yoga as well as an awesome Yoga channel on Youtube, Yoga With Adrienne.  Now I am not a yoga expert, but I do love doing these yoga  videos.  Check it out!


OK, so these are the nitty gritty intentions I made for 2015 and I need to step up my game, but my overall theme is Sacred.  So, how am I doing?  Actually, if I am honest, I am doing it exactly the way I intended when I set this goal in January.  For me, Sacred was about a feeling, a deep sense of peace and contentment, being fully present and not disregarding MY needs.  While I know I can definitely make some improvements, I believe my real intention was not to let 2015 pass me by because I am never going to get some of these moments back again.

So, I may have slacked off on my training runs and I may not have run all of the races I intended when I began this year, but I do know I am doing everything I can not to miss the important moments.

Don’t think I am letting myself off that easy though.  That is what this check in is all about; getting things back on track.  After all it’s not too late to reach most of my 2015 goals.

It’s not too late for you either.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,


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