Thankful Thursday: Moments in Time

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One Hundred Days of Happiness is well under way and we’ve enjoyed seeing the photos you’ve posted. We’re glad you took our words to heart and post when you want/can and don’t worry about it the other times.
Last year, as we went through all 100 days we had mini revelations all the time and the smallest things would prompt them. This year is no different.

Each day, I see what Lowi or someone else posts and feel honored that we’re getting a glimpse into their lives, into these small moments of time. Some of them simple (maybe even bordering on mundane) and others may years from now prove to be pivotal. These snapshots of time and image may be reflected on with fondness, joy or some other powerful emotion that’s marked our lives. That’s changed us.

It’s not always the obvious ones. Right now, I don’t think my photo of the cots John just bought will be momentous but maybe they will. Maybe it will mark the beginning of our time living off the grid (doubtful) but you never know.

I like the uncertainty of it. The willingness to believe, to imagine, that every moment has the makings of something worth remembering; worth looking back and pointing to as something that set us on a course we never could’ve imagined.

Whether you share your moments and photos with us every day, or you don’t, we hope you’ll keep track, pay attention and record it in some way. You never know which one might be THE ONE.


Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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