2015, Are You Making Me a Whole New Person?


It’s amazing to think that 2015 is nearly halfway over. Time goes so fast when we are paying attention to everything else it seems.

At the beginning of the year, many of us (Lowi and I included) made promises to ourselves about what we’d do, what we wouldn’t and how this year would, in fact, be different.

Which brings us to these, possibly painful, questions:

Are you doing what you said you would?
Are doing what you said you wouldn’t?
Is this year different?

If you first response is:
Sorta or
Well, let me think
Then it’s probably not that wholly different than 2014.


Early in the year, Lowi and I told you about some of our hopes for the new year. That it would be Boundless, I created Project Awesome and Lowi vowed to making it Sacred.

So how are we doing?
Let us think…

We think we’re just like you! But it’s never too late until it’s really too late.


Starting today, we are taking stock. We’re re-reading what we wrote, what we said, what we resolved to be and we’re seeing how far we’ve come, starting anew if necessary and not giving up on a year that’s just under 6 months old.

Stay tuned for the next few Mondays as we tell you the good, the bad and some of what’s likely to be ugly. We hope you’ll review your resolutions, intentions and goals and share your progress or restart with us as well.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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