The Day After…

Sydney St. George showcasing some of her latest work at Sunshine Studios.
Out on the trail at Chapin Forest in Kirtland, Ohio at Outrun 24 2015. Photo Credit: Danny Semick

By all standards this was a BIG weekend for both Lowi and G, but for completely different reasons.

As most of you know G ran the Outrun 2015 on Saturday/Sunday and we will have to wait until tomorrow to get the full scoop on how that went down. If you remember, I had to bail on that event this year because my daughter, Sydney, was performing in a big show with four other bands this past weekend.  While I wasn’t actually training and doing the work for either event…I am exhausted, which leads me to what we all refer to as “the day after.”

It doesn’t matter what it is, the day after any big event is somewhat of a slow day.  After months of preparation, chaos and last minute things that need to be done, we tend to leave our homes in complete disarray.  This means when we walk in after our big night or we return from a race tired and bleary eyed, we have to walk through the minefield that is our home.  The day after usually begins with a slow awakening, followed by the dreaded realization that once you depart from you bed you will be met with the same mess that you ignored previously.

My day after is usually a mixed bag of idleness interspersed with bouts of anxiety and productivity.  I really can’t sit still too long because I feel the need to get back to normal and yet I usually feel like I deserve a rest day.

I have no idea what G is doing today and technically Monday is her day after, but I have managed to get some things done albeit it’s taken three times as long to do it.  So, now that I have reached that late afternoon/evening time frame I think I will fix some dinner and get ready to go to bed early.  How about you?  What do you do on your day after?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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