Thankful Thursday: Focusing the Lens from Flawed to Fabulous

Flawed I found myself this morning staring at my gratitude journal and feeling blank. I was running the list of things for which I was ungrateful. (I will shield you from the list). Hmmmm, not the best start to the day, right?

It felt like the list of things that are “broken” had gotten rather lengthy. It got me thinking or questioning if it’s realistic to even think that this list will ever be fully checked off. Let’s be honest, the list of broken stuff will always be around and it all probably won’t ever get fixed.

And in a lot of cases the F in our Flaw List is really what makes us fabulous!

Being flawed is fabulous you ask? Well, yes and no.

I have been known to get myself in a wee bit of trouble because I have a bit of a sassy mouth. Now often I don’t consider that to be a very delightful feature.

However, if I were to ask my husband or a few of my close friends it’s likely to be one of the first things they’d say they embrace about me. It’s not that they don’t see how opening my mouth to make room for my foot isn’t at times, well um, uncomfortable. Instead, it’s that they like me or love me for it, in spite of it. Who knows.

The point is that my perceived flaw is part of why they like me. Does that mean I should say any old thing that comes to mind? in case you aren’t sure let me give you a definitive NO.

But, we can take a lighter look at some of our quirks and instead find ways to be thankful for them while doing our best to keep the crazier parts in check when necessary.

If you woke up this morning and you really are having a normal, rather mundane week and you think there’s not much to strike a grateful chord, give this idea a spin.

When we start taking a softer approach to what we might consider “wrong” about us we find there are even more reasons to give thanks. And to laugh.

Sunshine and Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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