Shine A Light


This week we are going to give you space to breathe.

Sit up tall, let your shoulders relax, take a deep breath in, let the coaching ideas we have been discussing soak in. Exhale. Breathe in…Let what is on your list and what you want to be on your list come together in your mind. Let them co-mingle, do a dance and join hands. While you exhale, let them walk into the sunset together.

Another deep breath in… okay, now that we have gotten rid of the elephant that has been sitting on our chest for the last few weeks…exhale. Breathe again. Isn’t that nice? Doesn’t it feel good to stop worrying about what we are and are not doing with our time?

Deep breath in…exhale the pressure we have been feeling to get it “right.” This is a process and change doesn’t happen overnight. Deep breath in…exhale.

Breathe in one thing that you would really like to add to your life right now. Exhale.

Continue to breathe in the peace and exhale the tension as I share some thoughts with you. Sometimes when we become overwhelmed with the things we need to stop doing and the things we need to begin doing…we do nothing. This week we want to add something to our lives that matters only to us. Breathe…it’s something small. Maybe you really love to read, but don’t make time for it. Stretching would feel good, drinking more water, walking around the block 5 minutes, meditating, praying, calling a friend…laughing. It can be anything that makes you feel good, doesn’t stress you out and makes you feel more like you. Exhale.

This week take a few minutes each day to breathe and shine a light on something that adds to your life rather than stealing from it.

Still not sure what you want to add? Try this Loving Kindness Meditation for 5 minutes everyday from Ann Marie McKelvey. Speak these words aloud as you tap your thighs with the palms of your hand.

May I now be filled with loving kindness

May I now be safe and protected

May I now be resilient in mind and body

May I now live with ease and joy

Craving more?

Tune in next week as we continue figuring out how to fit our life into our life as we begin to work backward.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

2 Comments Add yours

  1. gretzmom says:

    how did you know i needed this today??? (everyday!)


    1. lbrown246 says:

      You know how I just know things :-)…glad it resonated with you today!


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