Life Lesson: Appreciate the Ride

This blog is dedicated to all of our ski racing friends.  You have made our lives richer than we could ever have imagined. We have not just survived, we have thrived because of you. Thank you for such an amazing ride!

I think we all experience times in our lives when things come at us quickly. Often we just need to get through them and check them off of our list. Other times it’s important to sift through your day and store the memories, the laughter and the fact that you have not only survived, but you have thrived.


In two months my middle daughter will graduate high school. There are so many things happening between now and then that it would be easy to fall into a “just get ‘er done” mindset. I have been here before though and I know how important it is to soak it all in; the banquets, luncheons, photos, the last sporting events, friends, coaches, parties and even the occasional breakdown. You may have been here before, you may have more children after this one, but this is the only time you will be right where you are now.


Take a few minutes each day to reflect on where you are and how you arrived in this place. Appreciate all of the large and small moments leading up to where you are and all of the people who have traveled with you on this journey.


Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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