Thankful Thursday: Frisky Pigeons Mean Spring?

To protect the guilty these are not the same pigeons. This delightful couple spent some time agitating my cats last summer.

Here in the great state of O-H-I-O (cheers to those of you who chanted that) Spring is showing signs of returning. It’s quite a flirt this time of year and plays hard to get.. a lot. This in turn causes many of us, or me, to interpret every little thing like a sign of spring.
Which brings me to Sunday. I was sitting at my dining table and my cat, Basil, started chattering as only cats do when they see birds.

As you can see not a lot usually disturbs the napping for the felines at Chez Barton.

I looked up and saw two pigeons frolicking on the railing of our deck. They were particularly attentive to one another but I looked away and continued what I was doing.
Basil upped the ante and started carrying on and I looked up to find that our pigeons were really making spring plans.
I said to my husband, “Are they? I mean, umm? Wow, OK maybe I should close the curtains to give them some privacy.”
All this to say I am thankful that warm weather is going to arrive soon and so are the babies.
Happy Thursday!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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