Thankful Thursday: Another Chance to Start Fresh

Chinese New Year

Year of the Tiger, Goat, Ox and the list goes on. It might sound a little silly but then we run around telling each other we’re Libras, Capricorns and Taureans (is that the plural of Taurus? So confusing) so really… who are we to judge?

Earlier in the year Lowi suggested that the new year should begin around mid-January. When she said it I thought it seemed like a good idea. I mean, you don’t even have time to haul your dying Christmas tree out of your house before you are supposed to be firing on all cylinders and making big plans.

How is someone detoxing from sugar cookies, booze and turkey consumed regularly over the last 30-plus days suppose to even think straight much less be on the straight and narrow?
So I think the Chinese New Year organizers have it right. Wait until you’ve gotten good and sugar sober to start anything new.

This all came up after seeing Danielle LaPorte post on Facebook that she most resonates with the Chinese New Year. Her reasons were much more elegant and thought out but resonant all the same.

And it seemed that if she thought it was true, and Lowi thought it was true, and I thought it was cool, then that was reason enough to share with you.

So in the year of the Sheep, (although there is some controversy as to whether it may instead be the Goat’s 365), if you haven’t gotten all put together before now, here’s your Act II.

(And just in case you didn’t guess already, I was born in the year of the Tiger!)

Sunshine & Sarcasm,


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