Torture Report: Netflix as a Training Partner, Jagged Pill & Eat More!


12 Weeks and Counting…

(L) Well, the registration for the Outrun 2015 is officially closed. I guess I registered just in time! It’s obviously becoming more popular as last year I registered in March!  I have to say there was a moment when I thought to myself, “darn, if I had just waited one more week I would have had a valid excuse for not registering.” But, alas I am registered and I am way behind on my training schedule. Well, actually I am just behind on my long runs. I am getting there though and I have 12 weeks so I know I can get it done.

February Challenge – I am shocked and amazed but G has come up with a monthly challenge that isn’t likely to kill me in the second week!  It’s actually a good challenge and she may have built up my trust in her…just a little though. After all, I don’t want it to go to her head.

G mentioned last week that when her mileage increases her house cleaning decreases. I haven’t run the high mileage that G has put in, but I do have a messy house.  Maybe that means I am closer than I think to being on target?

I am confident that come rain, snow or sun I will be getting some serious mileage in by February 27th when season 3 of House of Cards is released.  Now, that is a show that can get me through 20 miles!  Thank you Netflix for being my marathon partner.

Thanks to Fashion Force on Instagram for posting this awesome shirt! I may need this!


(G) Wow, oh wow is all I can say about last week. You think you remember what hard training is like but you don’t — not really.
Once race day arrives it all feels worth it and it is. But this weekend pounding through a hard 20 miles of hills, in the snow, the slush and ice, the reality of training comes rushing back like a lost memory.
Then to wake up the next morning beat up, tired, sore and knowing you have 10 more miles to go — that’s a “jagged little pill” ala Alanis.


And that was just the weekend. Leading up to this dynamic duo of training days was the middle mileage misery of what’s known as tempo, hills and speed days. It’s not just about the miles but also the specificity of the miles. Adding to my suffering this week was that I stumbled upon a new plan for my hill work. It sounded like a good idea but that’s my problem, it always SOUNDS like a good idea.
There is, of course, a wide chasm between the idea of a hard workout and the actual working hard. Sometimes the gap is so wide you just fall down the rabbit hole. This week, I didn’t actually fall in but a few moments I was hanging on to the edge.


All that to say that two hard weeks in a row always leave me thrilled to know this is a recovery week.

There are some highlights, however, to a long training day: homemade aid stations!
While most other people at the park were there for a “normal” workout or just a casual hike we had a commitment to be there for a while. So most everyone else doesn’t show up with a car trunk full of snacks.
I always wonder what people think when they see us stuffing our faces with PB&J, Clif  bars and potato chips to power our run. It’s one of the reasons I love long distances: I can eat more.
Who doesn’t love it when you are told to eat more? That’s going to be my mantra for the week. I should probably stay away from the scale while working on this. Till next week.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G 

The Torture Report began in January 2014 as a weekly update of our journey to completing a 50-mile race. Since then it’s continued on to become a chronicle of how we try mightily to find fitness, health and sometimes the finish line. We aren’t always successful but we keep showing up and telling you all about it on Tuesdays.

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