Torture Report: Dragged by wellness wagon, ill-fitting shoes and new name search!

So this last week G and I not only fell off the wagon, we were run over and buried under its giant wheels!  If you see a bump in the trail, please stop and begin digging as we could use some help getting to our feet!  It’s been a tough month and while it’s only the 19th, it really needs to be over.


(L) I have only logged about 10 miles for the month by foot, but by car and plane I have managed some serious mileage!  The month started with a little home surgery on one of my toes.  You would think 3 months from the Outrun 24, my feet and more specifically, my toes, would be back to normal.  Apparently, the new normal is randomly lost toenails, delayed bruising and toenails that want to grow in strange directions.  Add all of this fun to a pair of shoes that no longer work and I have a bad couple of weeks.  My feet are not happy with the style of shoes I have been wearing for 18 months!  What?  Needless to say, I am not up for a marathon session of miles to meet the August 100 Mile Challenge.

So, what’s The Girl Formerly known as Pocahontas to do? Get some new shoes and just get through the month with what little dignity I have left.

Of course, I do hope that once we have picked a new name my mojo will turn around. For all the details on finding Pocahontas a new name, click here.

(G) From Sunday to Friday I did absolutely nothing. I went from a 30-mile race to 0 in record time. (P.S. The only time I have had record time)

This past Saturday I managed 5 miles and then on Sunday a painful string of 8 miles. They weren’t easy and I can’t much say that I enjoyed them. But I know that sometimes you have to fake it till you make it.


Toenails are for Sissies


I saw this bumper sticker at a race once and it’s beginning to feel so true. Like Lowi, I have some toenail trauma. Recently, the amount of “home surgery” as I like to call it, that has been performed on my toes is ridiculous. None of my toenails are growing back, or growing back properly or staying attached as they were intended. Enough already.


The 30-day Ab and Squat challenge that took me 45 days to complete (I didn’t count but it took a long time) is now done. The plank challenge fell by the wayside last week and I am not sure what to do about that. One step at a time.

#August100miles Challenge

Thankfully the first part of the month started out well. I am at 69 miles for the month. I hope this week goes as planned and I can crank out the rest of the mileage. Thank heaven’s for Howl at the Moon or I’d be woefully behind.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


Tuesday’s Torture Report is a running log of our progress as we train toward fitness, specific races or our latest exercise-related obsession. Lowi’s working toward Becoming Pocahontas and G’s latest adventure goal was Howl at the Moon 8-Hour Ultra.

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