Torture Report: Staying in the canoe, exercise math and more challenges!


(L) As most of you know, last week Pocahontas prevailed and finished all 108 miles for the month of July. This brought my total for June and July to 200 miles. Yay! Now, G was able to pound out way more miles (as usual) so why was this so exciting? Well, when I posted in the torture report on July 22nd I still had 68 miles to complete before July 31st. That was a lot of miles for me to complete in a normal week, but it is summer and that week was exceptionally busy. We had doctor’s appointments, wisdom teeth extraction, senior photos, DIY projects, did I mention that it rained for days, etc…and running 10+ miles on some of those days meant splitting it up. My dog, my children, and my hubby were happy to oblige and get some of those miles in with me.

I would also like to give a shout out to those of you who sent encouraging words and believed that I could accomplish this goal.  And also to Netflix for getting me through the rainy days.

So, the question G has been asking me since last Wednesday (yes, before I was even finished with July) is, “Are you doing the #August100miles challenge?”

Of course! I enjoy torturing myself in the name of health and Pocahontas cannot afford to fall of the wagon…or out of her canoe again.


Anyone else want to join us for the #August100Miles Challenge?



Idiots for challenges

(G) July 100 miles are behind us but it seems the learning curve for me and Pocahontas is a long and winding one. Because it never ends. You hit day 31 and then it starts all over again. We are Sisyphus without the rock and mythology, which of course makes our suffering even less cool.

#August100miles is for truly special idiots. I believe idiot initials are L &G. Yep that’s us.

Doing the math
My other fitness challenges march on as I did a start over midway through July. If ever there was a challenge that I should have just let go into the wind and never looked back… it was this one for sure!!! I did the math. Yes, for those of you who really know me then you’ll appreciate just how horrific this was.

But I did the math, because the plank challenge only lists the time in seconds. They do that to make it seem less obnoxious because nobody in their right mind would sign up for a challenge that culminated in a 5-minute plank. OK, maybe Johnny Armani and the “real” Pocahontas would but nobody else that we know, or like, or hang out with.

But here I am with this train barreling toward me, closer every day, of a 5-minute plank. Think I could do a 5-minute nap and it would work the same? All I know is I did a 3-minute plank yesterday and I texted Shakira before and after in case I needed medical attention. She figured, I hope, that if she didn’t hear back in 3 minutes and 30 seconds she better send a search party or at least Grady, her dog, to look for me.

The miles were a little easier this last week as I wind down toward Howl at the Moon 8-Hour Ultra on Saturday. It’s always an awesome mix of great people drinking and running. I’ll have all the random details next week.

Tuesday’s Torture Report is a running log of our progress as we train toward fitness, specific races or our latest exercise-related obsession. Lowi’s working toward Becoming Pocahontas and G’s latest adventure goal is Howl at the Moon 8-Hour Ultra.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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