Post Wedding Season

This weekend we attended our sixth and final wedding since the end of June. Of course, one of those weddings was for our own daughter, so that added quite a bit more effort than just attending.

Each wedding, like each couple, was unique in their own way and we consider it a blessing to have been able to go to all of these amazing weddings. I am still recovering from our night of dancing this weekend, but thought it might be fun to hear a little about each wedding and see a photo or two from each one of these beautiful days.

The first wedding we attended had been postponed from the year before and while these two lovebirds had done a small intimate wedding in the midst of Covid, they wanted their big day with family and friends. When their day finally arrived this June, they did not let rain or thunderstorms keep them from their dream. They wanted an outdoor ceremony and they got it. With umbrellas in hand we all watched as the bride walked down the aisle in puddles of water. She was radiant and she didn’t care for one moment about the rain. She was getting her day. I can’t help but smile at her determination and I can assure you that the rain did not put a damper on the celebration. Congratulations Eric & Karley!

Karley and her dad walking down the aisle

Our second wedding was for our beautiful niece, Emma and her now husband, Nate. For this one, we flew to Ohio and met up with family for the weekend. This wedding also took place outside with a beautiful backdrop of sunflowers. It was absolutely stunning as our niece walked down the aisle on the arm of her dad, my hubby’s brother. It could not have been a more perfect beginning for Emma and Nate. Her dad gave a sweet father of the bride speech that brought a few tears and lot’s of laughter and when the dance floor opened up, their friends were ready to party. Emma and Nate are finishing up their senior year of college and can’t wait for their next adventure. Congratulations Emma and Nate!

The sunflower field
Emma and her dad, Jason walking down the aisle

The third wedding was back in Colorado, but a couple hours away in Fort Collins. This one was a long awaited union between two of our oldest daughter’s friends. In fact, Alex was the maid of honor and Drew, her now husband, was the best man. Lexi and Jordan have dated since they were 15 and now at the ripe old age of 26 decided it was time to make it official. It was an intimate outdoor ceremony set in a beautiful garden with some of their closest friends and family. We count it a great honor that we were included in this list as we think of Lexi as family. There was nothing but light, laughter and joy for these nuptials. Congratulations Lexi and Jordan!

Lexi and Jordan

The fourth wedding was our own daughter’s wedding. We have talked about this one extensively and I am sure once we have photos we will talk about it some more. I will say that it has been two weeks since Alex and Drew tied the knot in beautiful Northwest Arkansas and we are still smiling. Every moment was perfect and the love and joy that these two brought to the day spilled over into all of our hearts.

Sadly, Alex isn’t smiling anymore. In fact, when I spoke to her this weekend she was actively crying because, and I quote, “our wedding day was the BEST DAY EVER and now it’s over. Insert sobs. I should have worn a GoPro all day so I could relive it over and over.” Lucky for her, Uncle Johnny did practically video every moment so maybe he should just send her the raw video and call it done. Later that same day I texted her to see how she was doing and if she was feeling less sad. She was on call this weekend and she responded with, “Good! just got called in for a gunshot wound.” I think she is going to be okay. Congratulations Alex and Drew! 

Alex and Drew taking time for a little photo booth action

The very next weekend, we flew to San Francisco for our fifth wedding. This wedding was for a family friend and someone we both went to school with our whole lives. While Laura currently lives in the San Francisco area, she lived in Colorado for a number of years during which we reconnected and spent many holidays together. Laura and Mike were married at a Catholic church in Mill Valley, our only indoor ceremony this year, and then had their reception at the Marin Art and Garden Center which was a beautiful outdoor venue. We ate under the stars, met a lot of wonderful people and reconnected with old friends by the fire. Such a beautiful, elegant way to celebrate the happy couple. Congratulations Laura and Mike!

Laura and her dad, Ralph walking down the aisle

And for our sixth and final wedding we drove about an hour north to Elizabeth, Colorado. This wedding was for the daughter of some of our oldest and dearest friends. Aryn and Seth were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony with the mountains as their backdrop. From the moment Aryn and her dad stepped out of the bridal suite, the tears were flowing. I love a wedding that is so full of love that it is just bursting at the seams and this day did not disappoint. We cried when they walked down the aisle, when they read their vows, when her sweet sister, Sarah, gave the most heartfelt speech you’ve ever heard, when her dad gave a father of the bride speech that also had him choked up too many times to count. Every single moment was filled with joy and love and it overflowed onto the dance floor where everyone danced for HOURS. What a way to begin your life together! Congratulations Aryn and Seth!

Aryn and her dad, Stu walking down the aisle

I know you might be worried about what we will do next weekend without a wedding to attend. Never fear, it’s football season and we have a tailgate calling our name in Fort Collins. Go Rams!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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