Challenges on Top of Challenges


Apparently, G and I have a problem. Okay, some of you may have noticed a few issues with us years ago and just haven’t wanted to mention it and may I say on behalf of both of us, “thank you for keeping your opinions to yourself.” 
Seriously though, this week I was logging miles for a virtual race we are doing, cleaning out closets and prepping for a 6-week summer shed with Faster Way to Fat Loss and I had to ask myself why how I ended up doing so many challenges at once.

We are currently in month two of our Simple and Free Challenge which is giving away excess clothes and wearing only the bare minimum. I am focusing on the giving away part while many are challenging themselves to wear only 7 pieces of clothing for the entire month. I have to say, I wear the same things all the time, but I took a hard pass on that part. The purging of the closets though is amazing and by far a way better challenge than the previous month when we were eating only 7 foods. In the name of all things Holy, I will never subject myself to that again, willingly.

I have been doing Faster Way to Fat Loss since last August and while I have continued to do the workouts religiously, I have let the food plan fall to the way side more than I’d like to admit. So, today, June 7th, I am starting their 6-week summer shed challenge and I am so in. I started prepping last week and I am ready to follow the program perfectly and watch the pounds just fall off. Well, I am hoping some pounds fall off. I have taken the photos, measured in all the key places, bought my grocery items and I am ready for my low carb days today and tomorrow.

Now, for the third challenge. Back when I introduced G to Simple and Free and we were muddling through the entire month of April eating only our 7 foods, she warned me that something was coming. She told me she had agreed to the Simple and Free Challenge and in return I needed to agree to any challenge she set forth next. Of course, I told her she was a grown ass woman and if she didn’t want to do the Simple and Free Challenge, she DID NOT HAVE TO DO IT. I, also, being an adult told her I would consider any challenge she offered, but I wouldn’t promise to do anything without knowing what it was first. As luck would have it, a mere days after finishing the first month of Simple and Free, G sent me an email in regards to a virtual race. No, it wasn’t a 5k, a 10k or even a half marathon. No, it was a race across the state of Tennessee. It’s called the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee and it is approximately 1000k! 

I had to say yes, right? I couldn’t say no after she ate 7 foods and is wearing 7 articles of clothing. And she will also remind me that I didn’t do the last challenge of running every 4 hours for 48 hours. But the real question was, could I run/walk 1000k?So, I clicked on the link for the website and realized I had 4 months to run/walk 1000k. I did some quick math and calculated that I would need to walk approximately 5.5 miles EVERY SINGLE DAY. I made a quick decision that yes I could in fact complete this race. I signed up, paid my entry fee, received my shirt in the mail and I am logging all of my miles.

I am now 5 weeks into this challenge, more than 25% of the way through the time allotted with 12 weeks to go and where do I stand in this great race? I have completed 148.28 miles. I am 23.1% of the way through my 642.9 miles and I am in 3,547th place out of 5,189 people. Side note: Can you believe that over 5,000 people signed up for this crazy race? What is wrong with people?

I joked with G that I signed up for the Great Race Half Way Across Tennessee. Seriously, I am going to give it my all. I walk everyday anyway and if I tally my workouts in, I should be close. I may have to start running a few times a week to up my miles, but I will do my best to get there.

Now, I’m off to clean out another closet and eat some more protein before I take another walk around the block! If you have a challenge you think we’d be interested in please keep it to yourself because we clearly have trouble saying no.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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