Donations and Discounts


One of the things that I have missed most over the last 15 months is being around random strangers and the crazy stories that can come from just being in the presence of the general public.

This week, we finally left our masks in our car and ran a few more errands than usual.

For those of you following along, you know that we are purging our closets this month and taking stock of all the things we need and giving away what is unnecessary. The idea is that we can live with much less than we have.  This also means that we can’t go out to get new things to replace any items that we have given away.  

I decided to donate weekly as opposed to one big trip at the end of the month. So, this week we ventured into our local Goodwill to donate a table and 4 bags of clothes from my closet. Side note, the table was not in my closet, it just needed to be donated, lest you think I have that vast of a space in which to store my clothes.

While there, we decided to just take a look around.  I know, that is counter to the challenge, but you just never know what you are going to find. Also, we still needed a few items for my oldest’s bridal shower.  Don’t judge me, even Jen Hatmaker bought a new car during her purge.  

As luck would have it we did find a couple of teapots and a few other miscellaneous items so I counted it a success.  While browsing, my youngest found a set of dishes for her apartment this fall.  Hesitant to get them without checking with her roommate, she sent a quick text.  Without an immediate response, we decided to go ahead and pay for our other items. Once we got to the car, the roommate responded and Reese decided she wanted to go back in to get the dishes.

At the checkout, our cashier was a little distracted and was answering the phone while also trying to help us.  Because I had just been through the checkout minutes before, with another cashier, I knew the drill when he gave me the amount due followed by what I thought was, “would you like to round up to the nearest dollar to donate to Goodwill?”  I said yes and he seemed flustered.  He pushed a few more buttons on the cash register and then gave me a different amount due and once again asked me if I would like to round up to the nearest dollar as a donation.  I was a bit confused, but assumed he didn’t hear me the first time. I glanced at Reese who looked at me strangely, but that wasn’t unusual so I ignored it.

After we arrived home and Reese put her dishes in the dishwasher, I took a look at the receipt to see why he had given me a different price and lo and behold, I almost fell off my chair.  Under every item it said, “senior discount 15%.”




I immediately yelled for Reese to tell her what had happened and she replied, “I know!”
I’m sorry, what is happening? 

Apparently, the cashier asked me if I qualified for a senior discount, which is appalling enough, but I SAID YES.   I am almost afraid to tell you, but I thought he was asking me if I wanted to round up to the nearest dollar because he had already given me the amount owed.  I clearly didn’t hear him correctly which means perhaps I need hearing aids.  I am not sure which is worse, being unable to hear or claiming to be a senior citizen.  I asked Reese why she didn’t say anything when I clearly didn’t hear correctly and she said, “you didn’t miss a beat so I thought you really wanted that discount.  What?  Who is this child?  I would never want a 15% discount because I was old.  I would lie and say I wasn’t whatever age qualified me for said discount.

To make matters worse she informed me that every Wednesday was “Senior Day” and I could go back and get discounts every week.  She did warn me, though, that to qualify one must be 55 and able to prove it.  She’s a funny girl, isn’t she?

I immediately texted G to tell her what had just happened and the only thing she had to say was, “why are you buying S*#T at Goodwill when we are supposed to be purging?”There were no consoling words about how I didn’t look that old and perhaps the cashier was legally blind?  Nothing. Zip. Nada and then she sent a follow up text saying,  “So, what you are saying is that you just cheated a charity out of 15% of your money?”

Basically, yes and I assure you that I don’t feel good about that extra $8 in my wallet. From now on, I will stick to the donation line at Goodwill. I am not sure I can even show my face inside again. Not at least until I’m 55.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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