Hugs, Gratitude and Living


Maybe it’s because of what we have all experienced over the last year or maybe it’s just because I am getting older, but this Mother’s day feels a little different. I am so grateful to have just visited with my own mom, dad and sisters,  last week. After a certain amount of time not seeing your closest humans, you start to feel anxious. You begin to feel like you’ll never see them again. It had been over 15 months since we had last seen any of them and it felt good to hug my parents, sisters, friends and family. Have you hugged someone you haven’t seen in over a year? It feels so different. It feels intentional in a way that it hasn’t before. I feel grateful and I won’t forget those hugs ever. I have spent my whole life hugging people. I’m a hugger, but I realize now that it has often been a passive gesture, given out of love, but taken for granted nonetheless. I don’t want to lose this sense of intentionality when it comes to seeing friends and family as we move forward.

This year, I also feel grateful to be here in a way that I haven’t before. Not because I was afraid Covid was going to take me out, although, if we are honest, those first couple of weeks were a little nerve racking! I am grateful to be here because this last year has shown me how much life has to offer, if, like G said last week, YOU SHOW UP. G, wrote about showing up in ways that challenge her physically and she doesn’t mess around. She goes big and then she goes home, but you don’t have to run marathons or ultras to show up in your own life. You just have to be grateful, present and intentional.

Gratitude is at the root of showing up. In fact, I am not sure you can truly show up if you aren’t consciously grateful for what you have.  We all have a tendency to get in ruts when things feel hard, or life has thrown us some curve balls, but you can’t stay there. This last year has been a huge curve ball and it’s caused a lot of mental anguish. It has left a large part of the population feeling empty, angry, sad, anxious, depressed and unable to relax or move forward. This causes us to be in a state of never feeling caught up or satisfied and therefore unable to show up for our own lives. When we take time to be grateful it forces us to assess where we are and be in the present. It’s hard to borrow trouble, when you are grateful for the moment you are currently in.

While some people are having trouble seeing the good, I feel very sensitive to the negativity, stress and worry.   I have trouble listening to negative speak or worst possible outcome scenarios.  We have been bombarded with bad news and I have hit my limit. I can’t watch the news anymore and I really don’t want to hear about it either.  I feel like if it’s important enough to know, I will hear about it, but otherwise I’d prefer to think of the best possible scenario or assume that things are going to work out. I am not naive,  I realize that everything doesn’t always work out, but this year has taught me to only worry about what’s worth worrying about.  The rest of it?  Add it to the list and take care of it, but also give you brain time to rest. It doesn’t all have to be fixed today.

As we continue to move forward, be grateful for the small things in life and before long your attention will automatically go to what is working versus what is not working.  When things feel more positive than negative, life feels different; better. Life feels worth showing up for.  Life feels big, bright and full of opportunity rather than a slog that just needs to be gotten through; it feels like something you want to live and not just a period of time.

What feels different to you this year?  

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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