A birthday, reunions, and a puppy!

Today’s installment of Lowi & G will be brief because we are in the same location for the first time in well over a year! Thanks to nearly everyone being fully vaccinated and an airplane, Lowi and her youngest daughter, Reese, have joined us in Ohio. But let’s be clear, seeing all of us was simply a side perk, they came to the Buckeye State to fetch a new puppy!

His name is Franklin and he is all the dreamy and delightfully sweet parts everyone loves most about puppies. He is fluffy, ornery, affectionate, clumsy, and snuggly. He has charmed us all.

In addition to that great joy, we are celebrating Reese’s 19th birthday. We have great plans for eating good food, playing with a puppy, and showering her with gifts! 

Until we meet again, have a great weekend. And we’ll be sure to catch you up on all the adventures next week.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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