Group Think?

The Outrun 24

As G told you on Monday, she has been preparing for The David Goggins 4x4x8 Challenge which begins tonight at 11:00 EST. She will begin her first 4 miles at 11:00pm and repeat every 4 hours for 48 hours. Sounds fun, right? I mean, it depends on your idea of fun. Now, I am going to be honest, had I known about this challenge a couple of months ago, I probably could have been swayed to embark on this crazy 48 hours, but also I really like my sleep, so there is that.

As luck would have it though, I did not know about this challenge until February 23rd. It’s okay, I will do the math for you. That is a mere 10 days before the challenge. Now if I had been currently training for a race or even running 4 miles everyday, I might have been swayed. However, I had not been doing those things. I am working out a lot, but I am currently not running. 
The thing about G and me, is that once you’ve done one crazy adventure together, anything and everything is on the table. Asking one another to participate in 48 miles doesn’t seem outside the bounds of something we would do. In fact, it’s disappointing if the other one doesn’t jump on the bandwagon with both feet.

Now, while G and I have done quite a few adventures together, our biggest adventure included two other lovely ladies. This means that they, too, are fair game in anything that goes on the table. So, on February 23rd, this group text from G started a whole discussion about who was in and who was out:

G:Who is in??? We can, yet again, blame Johnny Armani for this genius.


JK:It might take me four hours to run four miles. 😂😂😂 It does look intriguing though. I’m not sure I could stay awake. 

Lowi:You guys are being so nice. I think what you are trying to say is no freaking way, but I’m happy to cheer you on during waking hours!
Seriously, it does sound interesting, but I’m going to be in the mountains without a treadmill and I’m not going outside with the mountain lions in the dark. Otherwise, I would totally do it. Maybe,..probably not. I’d think about it.

MB:The mountain lions will make you run faster! 🦁

 Lowi:Ok, you come out here and do it with me!
G:What I’m reading is you’re excited to give it a try!!

Lowi:What are you reading?😜🤪😆😜


G:I am reading between the lines. I know you want to join in the fun. I just KNOW it.

Lowi:I think you may be reading the wrong line…I’m not sure, but it seems you’re off track somehow.

MB:This is how it starts Lori! 

G:That’s cause I am a trail blazer!!! Follow me

Lowi:Mary, I think you’re right. She acts like she knows what we are saying all the while trying to convince us we somehow agreed. We are onto her.



G:Let’s call it what it is… another cockamamie idea that John offered up and I said, why not?? 

Lowi:I’m not buying it. You blame John but you are trying to convince us we want to do it.

G:Well yes … crazy loves fellow inmates 

Lowi:I can’t wait to read your blog about coercion tactics!And of course your after party blog.

G:Give it a couple days… the seed will sprout. 

Lowi:Such a confident little farmer. 

February 24th

G:Hello seedlings!!! How are you today? Do you need some water? Affirmations? What would it take to get you to say yes to this adventure?

JK: 💰💰💰

G: Haha 😆😆😂😂🤣🤣

MB:I am going to read the info tonight when I can fully focus.


Lowi:And just like that the dominos begin to fall…Mary! 

MB:It’s just like last time-I would do just about anything to hang with you guys!

G:Let me ask you, have I steered you wrong yet? Do you regret our 50k/50-mile adventure??? Wasn’t it one of the coolest things you’ve ever done??

MB:Yes. It was and I don’t regret one minute of it! Even when I couldn’t walk the next day


JK:It was. But I’m older and wiser. I know I can’t miss that much sleep!!!  💤💤

To be honest, I don’t know if Mary has decided to embark on part or all of this challenge. The text thread ended with Jill being older and wiser. Amen, sister. I felt like there was nothing to add after that. 
I will admit that G’s coercion tactics were strong and I felt like given more time, MB and I would have totally caved. I will also admit that I mapped out the times I would have to run. At the end of the day though, I am not prepared to run 48 miles in two days. Even though none of us would technically be able to run this challenge together, it still doesn’t feel good to leave G on her own. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about our next adventure together. Ladies, any ideas?

If you happen to be up and have nothing going on during the following hours, text G and cheer her on. Go G!

Friday March 5th: 11pm

Saturday March 6th: 3am 7am 11am 3pm 7pm 11pm

Sunday March 7th: 3am 7am 11am 3pm 7pm 

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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