Here Comes the Sun

I live in Colorado, the place synonymous with snow, and I cannot get a full day of snow to save my life. The sun must come out, blue skies must emerge and birds must sing…every single day.

I know all of you in the Midwest are trying to survive your seasonal affective disorder because the sun has lost its way and apparently just skips right over you and sits out here in the west all day. I am sorry about that, but we live in Colorado partially because we love the snow. Yes, we love the mountains, the dry air and the fact that we can go without a coat most of the winter, but mostly we love the snow. It’s not that we haven’t gotten plenty of the white stuff, just like you, but it begins at like 6 in the evening and snows all night, gets plowed and just like magic we go about our days like nothing happened. Why yes, I can still make it to my doctors appointment, the grocery and take the dogs to the groomer before 9 am. I have no excuses for anything.  I don’t even have to worry about shoveling most of the time because the sun will take care of anything less than 4 inches by 10am, assuming you live in a house with direct sunlight. 

Now, if I was going skiing or snowshoeing, a bluebird day would be perfect, but alas that is not the case. Sometimes, a girl just wants to watch it snow out her window all day with the fire going while she bakes something yummy. Typically though by mid-morning the sun is so bright bouncing off the snow that I have to close the blinds. I am not kidding. It is the cross we bear out here. I think Colorado has boasted one too many times about their ability to bring the sunshine over 300 days a year. I am seriously going to start counting because it has to be closer to 350 days. Florida may be known as the sunshine state, but why? Google it. They only average about 237 days of sunshine. That doesn’t sound like a state that should be boasting about their sunshine. 

Tell me, where can I go to get a real winter? I just want some serious snowstorms for a couple of days and then the sun comes out and melts everything and it’s beautiful and then when we are ready we get another giant snow. Don’t tell me Ohio or the east coast. I am not moving there. I want to stay west of the Mississippi. You see, I want to keep all the good stuff about Colorado, but also get some serious snow. Maybe I just need to move out of the foothills and into the mountains permanently. Although, then there is the whole winter never ends scenario. We already have a winter that meanders on forever. I mean, it’s cool to get snow in September, but then does it really need to last until June? 

I have to tell you, I am starting to get a little fed up. I am about ready to throw in the towel on being a lover of snow. I mean, if I can’t get a real solid snow storm, I might as well give it up completely and focus on the sunshine. The next best thing is moving to Hawaii, but that isn’t going to happen so…

I just want a blizzard, a bomb cyclone, a day of cloudy, dreary weather that amounts in a fresh layer of the white stuff. Oh, but if it could begin after my hubby is at work because dear lord it’s been a year of him working at home and it’s been nice and all but they say distance makes the heart grow fonder and I don’t know anymore. It’s just been so long. The distance between his home office and me is not far enough. So in the name of all things good, please let him go to work and then BRING THE SNOW!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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