Open To the Crazy

This is not the blog I intended to write. In fact, I had one written about openness because G was like, “let’s do the theme, “being Open” for October.” Sounded good to me.  Then, she texted me a week later and said, “hey, we already did that theme in June.”  Clearly, it left a lasting impression on us!Perhaps we need to readdress being open, but not today.   Nope, today and maybe for the rest of the month, it’s going to be a free for all.  Who knows how what might come up! 

Anyway, today is just a fun little diddy about our mom. We love her, she is forever doing things for others, never wants the attention on her and could quite literally bake her way ANYWHERE. I’m pretty sure when she gets to the pearly gates, A VERY LONG TIME FROM NOW, she will have a cake at the ready! Neighbors and friends benefit from mom’s mad skills often. It’s safe to say that mom has been a part of everyone’s biggest moments from birthdays, graduations, weddings and even funerals because either you ordered a cake from her or you have just been the beneficiary of her kindness. 

My family has lived far away for 27 years so our cakes and cookies are much fewer and further between. Distance, however, has not deterred her. I remember one birthday, she wasn’t thrilled with my idea for the birthday cake for one of my girls so she overnighted me a cake cut in the shape of a tea pot, icing and instructions included. Her not being present was no excuse for a bad birthday cake!  Thankfully, this was before FaceTime or I might have had guided instructions.

She has sent iced sugar cookies for every occasion and many for no reason at all.  She makes them for my friends and sends them here with instructions to deliver promptly.   She has even mastered making gluten-free sugar cookies so everyone can enjoy a sugar rush like none other.  If you haven’t had one, you don’t understand, but you literally can’t stop eating them until they are gone.  In fact, I give them away to everyone because I will eat them ALL!  The only thing better than her sugar cookies and cakes?  Her home baked chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate.  I know, I am biased because I live for chocolate chip cookies, but seriously, they are so good.

In later years though, she has changed it up a bit.   Just last month, for example, she sent Reese 12 succulents to school. Now, she will tell you she only ordered six because somehow that seems normal?   Let me say that again, she ordered SIX SUCCULENTS TO BE DELIVERED TO A DORM ROOM AND TWELVE WERE DELIVERED. Of course, Reese and her roommate love them and their garden center is looking amazing!

The other thing that is super fun about mom is that sometimes she send things that aren’t meant for us!Just this week, she sent 50 foil bread baking pans.  She doesn’t do anything small.  Go big or go home. The best part was that the box was addressed to Andy and it was clearly marked, 50 Foil Pans.  Andy does not bake or cook, but he does love to eat bread. As soon as I saw the box sitting on the front porch, I knew immediately that mom was getting a head start on her Christmas planning and had accidentally sent them to Andy instead of herself.  She was annoyed, but Andy got a lot of mileage out of harassing her about it. Now, I realize with Covid and all, we need to plan ahead and kudos to mom because she is ON IT.
In fact, just a few short days after the foil pan incident, I received a box from mom, too. This one was actually addressed to me and meant FOR ME. It was full of jingle and joy and while it may only be the beginning of October, I am being open to the crazy and once again I am here for it. What was it you may ask?


Not just any old wine though. It was 4 bottles of  Hallmark endorsed Cheer. Yep, all four bottles are meant to be enjoyed while watching a Christmas Hallmark movie. There is even a QR Code to catch the latest movie schedule. Guys, has hallmark always done this or are they cashing in on our Covid binge watching, over drinking habits? 

Nevermind, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that Christmas cheer has come early this year and I am open to it!  Mom, send any and all of your Christmas cheer our way on purpose or on accident.  We don’t care, we will take it anyway we can get it!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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