#365 Being Open


As May turned into June, we were prepared to talk about #365beingopen.  Well, it turns out that the universe wanted everyone to receive that message and not just our readers.  Many of us are working on being open in ways, that perhaps, we weren’t considering prior to this month.  Some of us are just beginning to poke our heads outside and look around after being on lockdown while others are back into the full swing of things.  Wherever you find yourself this June, I know you are most assuredly open to something new.  Who wouldn’t be after months of having our lives turned upside down, not seeing our friends and families and basically putting our lives on hold.


What have you missed?  What did you swear you would do once quarantine was over?  Perhaps you ate a few too many cookies and you are open to a new exercise plan.  Perhaps you find yourself unemployed and while you need a job you are open to a new career path. What did you dream of doing, besides traveling to a deserted island, of course?

While we have all had a lot of time to think and reflect on our lives most of us have just tried to get through this time with our families, jobs and sanity in tact.  It hasn’t been easy and many have not succeeded.  We probably all know someone, whether they be a friend or celebrity, who has succumbed to the quarantine break up.  It wasn’t the quarantine, people.  It’s just that for the first time, possibly ever, we were all forced to stop and face our realities.  Good or bad, there was no escaping the void in our own lives.  If things were good, we relished the extra time with our families, but even that has become…a little long if we are honest.  If it has been less than joyful, we’ve had to face the unhappiness, the dread; the elephant in the room. Not easy  because let’s face it, we weren’t prepared to deal with our own lives.  We were happy to pretend for a little longer that things were great for the sake of the paycheck, the kids and the stability as long as we could distract ourselves with the gym, the business trip, church, the vacation, the concert, the restaurant and the bar

Now, as we enter our fourth week of June and the half way point of 2020 (Praise Jesus), it’s time to take stock of where we are and be open to wanting  more out of the second half of this year.

Over the weekend take some time to ask yourself what you would do if anything was possible.  What would you change if you were honest?  Then ask yourself if you are open to making it a reality.  What would it take if you said yes?  It’s not too late to salvage this year.  Many things are changing in our world, isn’t time you added yourself to the list as well?


Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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