Intentional Moments

PC: Roots of the Rose Photography, Laurie Pierce
Tomorrow, my middle daughter is getting married.  My heart is full and my intentions are clear.  We have done all the things to prepare and we are ready to have a beautiful celebration with our family and friends.
From the outset, Sydney and Jake said they wanted to feel every moment and experience it fully. They never wanted to breeze through the year or just, “get through it.”  They set the intention, which then spread to all of us.  So, our intention became supporting them and breathing love, joy and peace into their experience.
Of course, we have all had our moments of frustration and panic, but we quickly moved back to that place of intention.
It’s been quite the year and this week has been no exception.
You really hope to get to the final week and see everything fall into place.  That hasn’t quite been the case. There have been some challenges, some serious challenges, but they have handled everything in a way that made us see who they are at their core.  They didn’t react like you would expect when the proverbial, you know what, hit the fan.  Instead, they spoke calmly and their instinct was to get to one another. Once together you could see everything was going to be okay.
I don’t know everything that tomorrow will bring, but I do know that regardless of anything happening around them they will be intentionally in that moment when they say, “I do.”
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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